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Really Nice Dinner Rolls

Yeh – I don’t quite have the knack for shaping my rolls into cute little pillows – but they sure do taste fine! I came across this recipe, from Ms. Christina Pittman of Parkville, Missouri in a Taste of Home … Continue reading

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Clementine Chess Pie

SO. It turns out that Chess pie is basically custard pie with a bit of cornmeal in it – who knew? The nice folk at Southern Living featured a tangerine chess pie a month or so ago, and I was … Continue reading

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Green Lentil-Spinach Salad With Cherry Vinaigrette

Rich’s mom volunteers at a food pantry a couple of days a week, and we were talking about some of the foodstuffs that were a kind of a hard-sell to their clients; lentils were right up there. “Most folk just … Continue reading

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Happy StewFest!

This afternoon is our first annual StewFest! and folk are bringing crocks o’ their favorite stews to share; ermmm, along with some sparkling libations, I believe. This is my stew; started last night, then separated into it’s components: meat, broth, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Maple Roasted Bacon

Even if I didn’t love just about everything I’ve made from her books, this recipe alone would be more than enough to make me bow down to the barefoot contessa and proclaim myself eternally grateful. First, bacon roasted in the … Continue reading

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Spicy Garlic-Pepper Sauce

I have absolutely no idea how I came across this recipe from Tarla Dalal for a hot, Indian garlic sauce – she thinks of it as a dip – but I just happened to have a shinybrite new mortar and … Continue reading

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Baked Salmon

Sometimes, I just want to toss something simple together for dinner. This was one of those times. We’d been on the road for the long holiday weekend, meaning that there had been a fair amount of drive-though dining, and I … Continue reading

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Marble Rye Bread

Who knew that melted chocolate – I used 60% cocoa chips – was one of the secrets to pumpernickel bread? Truth be known, the mashed potatoes were a bit of a surprise as well; still, this recipe, from Emeril via … Continue reading

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Sunday in Indy @ George’s

Today’s a travel day for us, peeps, and I did not get my act together to prepare the images and pre-load the TASTY marble rye bread post I had planned for today, so instead, enjoy this image of Binford’s Black … Continue reading

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Parfait! REALLY Tasty Steak ‘n Ring Sauce

I first came across this amazing little mixture a couple of weeks ago, as a glaze for buttermilk meatloaf. Thing is, good as that loaf o’ meat may be – and this sauce is da bomb as a glaze, but … Continue reading

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