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It’s the Great Whoopie!

Please pay no attention to the messy kitchen in the background of the seasonally tinted whoopie pies in the picture above – it was a busy afternoon and things are much better now. Whoopie pies are, of course, normally chocolate … Continue reading

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Carrots Vichy

Simple and OH! so tasty, I can’t imagine why this recipe isn’t better known; tho’ there is the whole WWII French Government during Occupation thing (watch Casablanca again, it’ll all become clear). Nazi collaborateurs aside, Vichy is also known for … Continue reading

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Blueberry Clafoutis

Think French Fruit Flan. Traditionally, a clafoutis is made with cherries, or perhaps plums – and some purists prefer leaving the fruit unpitted, believing it tastes better (I’m assuming they’re talkin’ cherries here – unpitted plums would be a stone … Continue reading

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Reuben ‘Za

Corned beef and sauerkraut – PERFECT for pizza! No, really! I got the idea for trying this with the leftover reuben dip from The Silo in Lake Forest, who make my favorite Reuben Pizza – if I can only get … Continue reading

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Beer Teriyaki Pork Chops

I love a good manager’s special, so when I noticed these sirloin chops, in the case at what I thought was a fair price, but then marked down another $2 (!) – I really had no choice but to pick … Continue reading

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Les Crêpes Mexicaines

Not too, too bad for a ‘use up some leftovers’ dish, eh? Still, everything sounds better in French – especially food and swearing. This is just thin pancakes rolled around some leftovers with a bit of cheese and a thinned … Continue reading

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Baked Reuben Dip

I had promised our friends that I could, no I WOULD, control myself when planning the food for our next game night. I’d been getting a bit TOO into the food planning and prep for our gatherings – did we … Continue reading

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Guinness Stew

Served over fresh-from-the-oven popovers, and maybe a dab of black horse sauce, this was a lovely dinner to share with friends on a rainy October Saturday night. I found a recipe for Guinness Stew in the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Not to be confused with my mom’s recipe, these are (literally) pies of a different color – and flavor – thanks to the whole bottle of red food coloring, the buttermilk and the vinegar. The recipe I used claimed to … Continue reading

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New and Improved!

No, sillies, not the barbecue sauce – THAT remains finestkind –  I finally got around to coordinating the LABEL graphics with the rest of the BUZZYFOODS empire. WooHoo – let’s hear it for cohesive brand identity! Well… I like it.

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