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French Taco Salad

When I posted my Bacon Chili Dog Enchilada recipe, I friend commented that it looked really good (it was), but whoa! for cultural appropriation. Well, just call me The British Museum, ’cause I’m gonna be appropriating like heck with this … Continue reading

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Fried Bread and Tomato Hash

Yeh. So, Nigella Lawson calls this a “hash,” but, truthfully, I think that it is just about the best example of a panzanella (a bread salad) that I have ever had. Bread cubes are fried in garlic infused olive oil, … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Mix

We were having friends over for dinner, and I was planning on serving a gluten-free chili and hashed brown potatoes casserole. I even had a pretty terrific looking recipe for Bloody Mary Chili, which I was psyched to try, but, … Continue reading

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Grilled Asparagus Caesar Salad

Full disclosure: I did not, in fact, grill the asparagus for this salad.  My husband had grilled the night before, and was not feeling the love to fire up the grill for some veggies, so I sautéed this batch in … Continue reading

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Really Good (And Gluten-Free!) Creamy Tomato Soup

Martha Stewart shared a really good looking, and wicked simple t toss together tomato soup recipe and I wanted to try it, but… I also had to tweak it a bit. I mean, there was no basil called for, and … Continue reading

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Garlic Barbecue Sauce

If you’ve ever gone through a Canadian market, you have probably come across Diana Sauce. NOT named for Princess Di, this sauce is, nonetheless, wicked tasty. And, they have flavours. Thanks to our cousin, I discovered the joy that is … Continue reading

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Pork Amatriciana Sauce

So, while a true Amatriciana (one of my fave sauces) is made with guanciale, I was fresh out of smoked pork jowl the day I was in the mood for a batch. I did, however, have some marinated and grilled … Continue reading

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Chicken Margherita Flatbread

First things first. Do not go all foodie police on me because – quelle horreur! – I am using some rather nicely dressed arugula instead of the more traditional basil called for in a ‘true’ Margherita. 1) I do not … Continue reading

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Tabouli – From a Mix, But Tasty

A favorite ever since I discovered at a food cooperative at my University, I am just about guaranteed to at least try some Tabouli whenever I am out and about and see it on offer. Traditionally made with Bulgur wheat, … Continue reading

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Slattern’s Spaghetti

Nigella Lawson posted her take on the classic pasta putanesca (whore’s pasta), which she renamed Slattern’s Spaghetti; more or less a literal translation. The thing is… Nigella kept the anchovies and, yeh, I know they are supposed to dissolve in … Continue reading

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