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Parfait! Pepperoni Bread

No, stop. Don’t go searching for the original pepperoni bread post, ’cause there isn’t one. Instead, this Parfait! is referring to the dough used, specifically, the dough I made those oh! so tasty ham rolls with. Recall that when I … Continue reading

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Butter Chicken (from a mix, but it’s tasty!)

So, yeh… this pan of tasty was made with a packaged simmer sauce, but y’know what? It was good! And, mebbe a bit more importantly, the packaged sauce ingredients list was made up of stuff you could find in your … Continue reading

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Besterer! Roasted Tomatoes and Caprese Salad

Puzzle me this: two recipes, from the same (most excellent, if I might add) author – no, not me, the barefoot contessa – both calling for basically the same ingredients, but wildly different cooking temps and times – 275º for … Continue reading

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Ham Rolls

Looks good, doesn’t it? It is… but, did you know it all came about because of a joke? We were out shopping, and came across ‘Gather Together for church suppers’ from Taste of Home in the check out line. Pitch-in … Continue reading

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Tots. Stuffed With Cheese. Wrapped in Bacon

Yeh. Sometimes, the headline just writes itself. I have no idea where I came across this recipe, by Wendy Bradley, tho’ a quick search of da Google takes me to The Chew on ABC – which I have never, ever … Continue reading

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Parfait! Sticky Chicken Wings – Buffalo Style

When last we left Sticky Chicken, I was a bit uncertain about the cooking temperatures and times, but really pleased with how good the chicken was. When last we left Buffalo Chicken, I (kinda) promised it was the last time … Continue reading

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Honey Glazed Dinner Ham

Apparently, a Dinner ham is this smallish, boneless ham that can be (fairly) quickly cooked and serves less than a feastful of folk, so when Rich spotted one for a pretty decent price at the market and wondered “could we … Continue reading

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Rice and Cheese

Cheese-y Rice? No matter what you choose to call it, this rice is good – mebbe even a little better than good, because I made it from the white rice left over from our latest take-away order from Best Panda. … Continue reading

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Black Bean, Cheese and Onion Enchiladas

I’ve made black bean enchiladas before, but they were just… OK, so, when I came across a Sandra Lee recipe for making black bean enchiladas with the leftovers from making a batch o’ black bean burgers, I got to thinking: … Continue reading

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Black Beans

It all started with a trip to Costco… I came across a jumbo-sized (of course) box of frozen black bean burger patties and thought they might could make for an interesting meat-free dinner one evening. But the thing about the … Continue reading

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