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Parfait! Nigella’s Chicken

One of our favorite ways to have chicken, this recipe, from Nigella Lawson, is also wicked simple to toss together and flexible, to boot! Have a whole chicken? Perfect! Pieces? Also perfect! Planning on grilling? No problem! Roasting? Ditto! You … Continue reading

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German Sweet Potato Salad

I came across a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens for German Potato Salad made in the slow cooker, and it looked good. But… I thought I could mebbe make it better – with sweet potatoes in place of the … Continue reading

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Another Shrimp Enchilada Recipe

I was in the market, searching the soup section for Cream o’ Chicken Soup for Rich to make his famous Heart Attack Potatoes (I cannot believe I’ve never posted that recipe; next time he makes them, for sure) for a … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Risotto

A friend of ours *grudgingly* gets her kids and husband to eat “mommy’s rice”  – cauliflower processed into rice-like grains and usually served Spanish-style with a spiced tomato sauce – every now and again. This version, loaded with cheese and … Continue reading

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Garlic Fingers and Beer Crust

I was reading a novel set in Portland, Maine, and, at a gathering, one of the characters thanked another for bringing the garlic fingers. Garlic Fingers? I was intrigued, so QuickLikeABunny, I went to da google to see what I … Continue reading

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Parfait! Grilled Pork Chops

Sooo… you’ve got this lovely mess o’ nicely cooked ‘shrooms keeping warm on the back of the stove. What are you goin’ to do with them? Might I suggest topping off a couple of pork chops, cooked on a grill … Continue reading

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‘Shrooms! (In a Nice Red Wine Reduction)

We were out for dinner with friends last winter and one of the sides were these incredible ‘shrooms and stuff in cabernet etc., etc., and our friends looked at me and said: “I bet you could figure this out.” I … Continue reading

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Deep Dish Veggie and Sausage Za!

Shhh. I have a confession to make. Even tho’ I’ve lived in greater Chicagoland for close to 20 years (!), I am not a hoooge fan o’ the deep dish pizza. I also put ketchup on my hot dogs, but … Continue reading

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A Nice Pizza Sauce

Nope. Not gonna do it. This recipe is (loosely) based on a copy cat recipe for Cincinnati-style pizza sauce, which is a touch on the sweet side, so I am told, I have never been. That said; there is no … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Steak Marinade and Glaze

Stop! Before you go and get all excited; sad to say, there is absolutely no vodka called for in this recipe. But, that’s ok, that just means there’s more for you to enjoy while you’re putting this vodka free, but … Continue reading

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