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A Chop (or two) in Amontillado

Boo! With all thanks to MM. Poe and Montresor (and apologies to the unfortunate M. Fortunato), I thought this would be a fine recipe to share on this crisp and cold Hallowe’en morning. Unlike a lot of the stuff I … Continue reading

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‘Shroom Fried Rice

When last I made fried rice, I was using up some leftover marinated steak and some overly stocky/mushy leftover rice. Well… I’ve kinda perfected my rice cooking method(s), for basmati as well as long grain varieties, and now had some … Continue reading

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3 Vinegar Chili Sauce

No. I am not talking Tabasco-style hot sauce – tho’ this does have just a bit of a nip. And I am not talking about Asian-style chili sauces; sweet Thai or Sriracha or some other. Nope, all those and more … Continue reading

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Parfait! Blue Cheese Yogurt Dip

Well… not just a dip, really, this fine little bit o’ blue cheese goodness makes for one fine salad dressing, and it is Oh! so good with Buffalo chicken! All that said, I cannot deny how very well this goes … Continue reading

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Greek Spice Cake

Wicked moist and very nicely spiced, this is not your typical spice cake. I am unsure as to what makes it Greek – none of the ingredients scream ‘opa!’ to me – but that is how Heather Abel named it … Continue reading

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Manchurian Veggie Balls

How to begin? Earlier this year, we attended a house blessing which featured some pretty amazing Indian foods; among them Baby Corn Manchurian, which I researched and gathered ingredients and finally put together to make one fine dish. But, the … Continue reading

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3-Bean Chili

We were slouching about Northern Wisconsin with friends over the weekend and stopped at Culver’s for lunch. We’d had a big breakfast, and were anticipating a big dinner, so Rich and I were just looking for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cookie Bars

Here is a tasty cookie that you can make as easy or as complicated as you like – and the best part is, even the complicated option is pretty darned easy! You could, for instance, take the easy way and … Continue reading

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Parfait! Flat Bread

Flat bread, focaccia, call it what you will…this is one fine way to serve up your own custom bread treat at your next munchies gathering. My go-to toppings are sea salt, Tellicherry, and Aleppo peppers, but you could add rosemary, … Continue reading

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Leek Gratin

Looks kinda good, doesn’t it? A friend of ours often comments on Rich’s Facebook page when he notes something different I’ve made for him – like Tom Kha Kai Soup. Bob will say “Richard, you are SOOO lucky!” Thing is, … Continue reading

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