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Beer Marinated Chicken and Beer BBQ Sauce

Chicken (thighs, in this case), marinated in spiced beer overnight, then grilled and brushed with a beer based barbecue sauce. Hmmm… I am seeing a theme here. In truth, the beer marinade is kindofa classic for many meats, and the … Continue reading

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Cherry Smash

We were in Canada visiting relatives, and our cousin, Jesse, took us out to lunch at a pretty terrific restaurant right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Since we were on vacation, and were planning a rigorous afternoon of wine … Continue reading

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Parfait! Blender Hollandaise Sauce

There are folk out there who maintain that one should be able to make Hollandaise the traditional way before giving in to the ease and convenience of using one’s blender to cut out all that (let us be totally frank, … Continue reading

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Strawberry Soda Cake

Another Thursday, another cake recipe. We were visiting family in Canada over Rich’s birthday, so I didn’t have a cake for him (though his cousin had some LOVELY cupcakes from a local bakery), so, when we got home, I decided … Continue reading

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Corned Beef Hash

Hash is, at its heart, I think, a dish of leftovers. A bit of meat, some potatoes, mebbe chopped onion, and…  well, whatever you have laying about the fridge that might work for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. I had … Continue reading

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Beer ‘n Butter ‘n Brats ‘n STEAK!

So… this is gonna be a kindofa weird post. It all started with an unseasonably warm spring weekend and some green pepper and Mozzarella sausages Rich picked up at the market. And a couple of nice rib eye steaks. The … Continue reading

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Parfait! Three Pigs Pasta Sauce

My Aunt Buzz had a spaghetti sauce recipe passed down from her mother in law. It was made with spare ribs and was really most excellent. Of course, Aunt Buzz being Aunt Buzz, she wouldn’t share the recipe; so I’ve … Continue reading

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HoJo’s Spicy Mustard

Here I am, back from vacation – a road trip to Ontario to visit family and attend a cousin’s wedding. Back in the day, a road trip would’ve involved my dad packing the day before, and all of us piling … Continue reading

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Vacation Stuff…

So, I KNOW that this is a BIG week for folk visiting food blogs and the like, looking for JUST THE THING for Passover or Easter or what have you. And, I have been on vacation. My husband and I … Continue reading

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We’re visiting relatives north o’ the border for the week for a wedding, and while we are being hosted, we have also received some wicked cool gifts! Tours through several lovely Niagara area wineries -and we have the cases of … Continue reading

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