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My New Take on Buffalo Wings

Over the decades, my method for making Buffalo Wings has evolved into a healthier, but still quite tasty recipe. I mean, yeh, there is still an entire stick of butter in the sauce, but when you consider that that one … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Brats

Beer. Butter. Brats. Onion. Garlic. That is all I need for our fave preparation for brats before grilling, or, in this case, popping ’em in the air fryer for 15 or 20 minutes (though, air fryers will vary, so check … Continue reading

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Hasselback Potatoes

A friend very nicely sent me this wicked cool casserole dish as a thank you for my sending her assorted buzzyfoods treats; and I was pondering what to try out in it first. It had been a cold, gray day, … Continue reading

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Portillo’s Style Chocolate Cake With Espresso Cream Frosting

The only person that I know who does not love this cake is my friend Jenny, who, inexplicably, does not care for chocolate. But, we overlook that obvious defect and love her anyway. Besides, more cake for us, right? Like … Continue reading

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Cheesy (In a GOOD Way) Tomato Basil Soup With Ranch Baked Saltines

What could be better on a cold January day than a hot bowl of tomato soup and some saltine crackers? Well… how’s about if the soup is a jazzed up version of Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade, and the saltines have … Continue reading

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Mississippi Pot Roast, Updated

Close to six years ago, good friends convinced me to try this crazy pot roast recipe with ranch dressing mix, Au Jus mix, pepperoncini, and butter. Crazy idea, right? But, NO! This is very tasty, wickedly simple to toss together … Continue reading

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These ‘shrooms sautéed in butter get a fancy French name because of the way they are sautéed in butter. Shown here, spread out on puff pastry, then topped with Bacon Jam, you can see that they are very finely chopped, … Continue reading

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Toffee Bugles

Years ago, now, a friend introduced me to the joy that is Caramel Puff Corn, known by my friends as “corn crack” because they cannot resist it. Then, I was reading a novel where one of the main characters is … Continue reading

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Applesauce Cake With Bourbon Raisins

Score another big hit for barefoot contessa and her cookbook, Modern Comfort Food. My husband asked me to make this cake as an option for Thanksgiving dessert, and, yeh, this is gonna be a go-to cake for sure. Moist, rich, … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Tatchos

This recipe showed up somewhere from the nice folx at Food Network, and I thought it would work a treat as the main course for an early afternoon Book Club gathering. It is gluten free, and I kept the pickled … Continue reading

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