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Garlic Butter

When I first moved to Chicago in the late 90’s, I came across a strange – to my New England eyes, anyway – item in the markets around the holidaze. Turkey Butter. No. Not butter made, somehow, from turkey, but … Continue reading

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Check Out This Cheeez Sauce!

So, YEH. Full disclosure: this cheese sauce is made with Velveeta. And I am not really even all that put out about it; because it tastes that good. Now… if you really cannot handle the thought of Velveeta Cheese Sauce, … Continue reading

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Best! Reuben Casserole

By now, most folk will have had their corned beef and cabbage and are kinda over the whole thing. Except… You have leftover corned beef, don’t you? Not to worry – we have you covered with this wicked tasty Reuben … Continue reading

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Grilled Swiss With Onion Jam

Back in the day, my Aunt Buzz would make her grilled cheese sammiches with American cheese, yellow mustard,  and pickle relish; so she might not object too much to this riff on a Martha Stewart grilled cheese. Now, Martha’s sammich … Continue reading

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Toffee Bugles

Sometime around the holidaze (quite) a few years back, I was introduced to the goodness that is Caramel Puff Corn, also known by some of my friends as ‘Corn Crack!’ – because you cannot stop eating it. I went looking … Continue reading

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Parfait! Caramel Puff Corn

Also known as “Corn Crack” by some friends, because they simply cannot stop eat it; this really is a perfect, and perfectly simple to make, snack for most any time. A large, non-stick pan (I love my Copper Chef) and … Continue reading

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Aunt Buzz’s Banana Bread

My Aunt Buzz did not like to cook; but she loved to entertain and, in my family, that means feeding folk, so she had built up some tried and true recipes over the years that, with the help of her … Continue reading

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Blizzard Bonus! Strawberry Custard Pie

OK, so, mebbe not a blizzard, per se, but, it has been snowing more or less non stop for two days now, and, if it is not a blizzard, well, after two days and a foot or so of snow … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake

Who’d a thunk it? Three ingredients (cake mix, pie filling, and butter) come together in a 13×9 pan and make for a pretty terrific cake! Fair warning – you are not gonna get nice, tidy slices out of this particular … Continue reading

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Hot Honey Wings

Look around this here food blog and you’re gonna find a fair number of recipes for chicken wings. All of ’em tasty, Katie! But this version may just be my fave. Hot honey, hot sauce, a bit of crushed Ritz … Continue reading

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