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Parfait! Apple Galette and One Fine Crust

I bought this beautiful looking box of apples the last time we were at Costco – each apple suspended in it’s own see-through segment for protection during travel. The only thing was, when we actually tried one, it was kinda … Continue reading

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My Cajun/Blacken/Spicy Seasoning

I usually make my own Chili Powder blend… Which I use as part of my Taco Seasoning… I even have a Dry Rub recipe that is pretty darned tasty on ribs and chops. Well, I believe that I can ignore … Continue reading

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Forgiving Cherry Jam

I’ve been making marmalades forever – six citrus, plain-ole orange, clementine – but I was still pretty darned pleased with myself at how my Plum Jam (and the subsequent Plum Sauce) turned out; and so I felt fairly well jam-able … Continue reading

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Kielbasa Vinaigrette

OK. This is a tricky one… Not because it’s hard to make, or perhaps offers a challenging taste – it is wicked simple to put together and tastes great! No, the tricky part is that you can offer this up … Continue reading

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Best! Doctored Sauce

So… I have a confession to make: I cannot make a decent red sauce from scratch. It is either too bland or too runny or too… well, generally it’s simply not too anything but blah. But. I have found a … Continue reading

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Parfait! Green Beans Mandarin

I didn’t actually plan on this whole week being kinda sorta Asian themed food; but it’s turned out that way; and what better way to wrap up a week of Pepper Steak, Vietnamese Barbecue Tacos (and the Dipping Sauce), and … Continue reading

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Sweet ‘n Spicy Panko Chicken

Well… the nice folk at Real Simple call this ‘Fiery “Fried” Chicken’ – because it is a bit spicy, and with the crunchy panko coating, you would swear it was fresh from teh deep fryer when it is really just … Continue reading

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Vietnamese BBQ Tacos

I came across the base for this recipe in Southern Living magazine from (I think) Houston’s Restaurant. The restaurant used strip steak, and serrano peppers in their version of dipping sauce. I went with pork – country style pork ribs, … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

I noted this sauce – Nuoc Cham – last week on buzzyfoods facebook page. I hadn’t set out to make a version of an incredibly common – and customizable – condiment from Vietnam; but I had found a recipe in … Continue reading

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Pepper Steak

When last we left our (very) tasty Quebec Steaks, we had a bit left over, and I was wondering about what to do with the extras. The combo pack of 3 generously-sized steaks were more than enough for a dinner … Continue reading

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