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Lamb Chops

We finally got down to the new Costco in Mettawa and renewed our long-lapsed membership. As a reward (or, maybe a sign that all was good now that we were back in the Costco family), the powers that be had … Continue reading

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Santa Fe Chicken Soup

We were standing in line at the market, and Rich picked up one of those mini cookbooks to pass the time – this one featuring Velveeta. He found several interesting recipe ideas, but we opted not to pick it up, … Continue reading

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Creamy Fruit Mold

Hmmmmm. I am NOT sure about this. The picture in the ‘Memorable Molds’ section of the Jell-O Classic Recipes™ book looked rich and satin-y. This pink mass o’ goo sitting in my fridge looks a lot less like satin and  … Continue reading

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Huh? What? No! I was NOT sleeping… Ermmmm, I was on a fact finding mission; researching something pretty darned cool, I can tell you that! ANYWHO, tune in tomorrow for a surprisingly tasty fruit mold (as in the shape, not … Continue reading

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Challah, Baby!

Yeah, I know that challah is traditionally baked as a braided loaf, and that it makes very nice French toast; but Rich had a taste for pimiento cheese burgers and we didn’t have any buns on hand. By happy coincidence, … Continue reading

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Chocolate, Men, Coffee…

some things are just better rich. That quote from some anonymous wag was bouncing through my head as I was sipping a fresh, hot cup of our latest (happy) adjustment to Rich’s dietary challenge. Chocolate is out (well, for Rich), … Continue reading

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Vote Early (and Often!)

On this cold and snowy day, the folk in Chicago vote for a new mayor; and up on our little  edge o’ the prairie, we have an aldermanic primary or something (I haven’t been able to find much in the … Continue reading

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Potato Cakes (these are keepers!)

You may recall I’ve been looking for a nice potato cake recipe for a while. The less said about that potato cake/frittata thing the better, thank you very much; and, while we were both pretty happy with the boxty recipe … Continue reading

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Chili Powder

I know – I’ve mentioned this handy little concoction before in a bunch o’ postings, referred you back to the bottom of that REALLY good shrimp enchilada recipe, and repeated the recipe in several posts – it just seemed to … Continue reading

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Steak Frites à la Wadsworth

Yes, I KNOW there aren’t any fries – a baked potato with some of that nice brown butter was too tempting to pass up – but I can’t think of anything else to call this classic French (or Belgian) bistro … Continue reading

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