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Chicago Hot Dog Salad

Yeh. I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! I am seeing the salad, but I am not seeing any hot dogs!” Correct; but Rachael Ray, who’s recipe I have shamelessly purloined (with a few minor modifications) for this post, calls for … Continue reading

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What to call this? TASTY!

I was scrolling through some vintage advertising websites when I came across one from, I think, Betty Crocker during World War II. Some foods, like meat, were rationed, so there were lots of articles and advertisements, even whole cook books, … Continue reading

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Duck Stock

So… you’ve made and thoroughly enjoyed your pan-fried duck; poured that luscious duck fat from the skillet into a jar and stashed it in the fridge; and, just now, you are contemplating the remains of you dinner and all those … Continue reading

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Pan Fried Duck

Relax. Take a deep breath. There is absolutely no reason to fear preparing and making duck for dinner; and at least three good reasons to do so. One. It’s duck, and it’s quackingly tasty! (Sorry, I had to). Two. The … Continue reading

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Parfait! Chicken Fingers

I was dropping off some barbecue sauce to a friend the other day – she loves it on pulled pork, her son loves it on chicken fingers – and she was asking me if I had a chicken finger recipe. … Continue reading

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Asparagus ‘Za!

It all started with a conversation with Mama, owner of our favorite pizza/sammich place, Mama K’s. We had been out, planning to run errands, when some chip inside our car got switched to overload (I don’t like Sundays) and, well, … Continue reading

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Best! Pub Burger

Let’s review the week’s posts so far: First, I turned some aging tomatoes into a very nice, zippy relish. Next, I used some of that relish to make my own take on Worcestershire Sauce, a malt vinegar based condiment. Today, … Continue reading

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Westboroughshire Sauce

I was burger hungry, and had come across a pretty nice looking recipe for pub burgers but… wait! What? How could I be out of Worcestershire sauce? Bother. Well, thanks be to da Google, I discovered that, according to wikihow, … Continue reading

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Zippy Tomato Relish

It’s a cold and dreary day, so let’s think about something sunny and warm… like tomato relish! I had a couple of bowls of Sunburst and red grape tomatoes had been taking up counter space a bit too long, and … Continue reading

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Parfait! Sriracha Zanzetti

We were visiting my sister and, around the dining room table (and over a bottle of wine or four) Kraft Dinner came up. “Yechhh!” my sister and her best bud since high school both said, followed by “you EAT that … Continue reading

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