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Mischa’s Italian Salad Dressing

We were attending a feast: Bob’s Filipino Chicken Adobo, and Golnaz’s Mom’s Persian Stuffed Cabbage; and, as usual at one of these gatherings, there was a LOT of great food. When the salads were passed, we had this fine bottled … Continue reading

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Zed 451

We met friends for dinner Saturday night at this cool place downtown; Zed 451. Billed as ‘an unconventional steakhouse’, it was, for us, a 3 hour exploration of meats, fish, and fowl on skewers, and MY! was it tasty! Everyone’s … Continue reading

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Parfait! Challah (for better rolls)

Who knew? I had made a lot of Challah as sammich rolls, just breaking the dough into small pieces, rolling it into balls, then baking it; but the rolls were kinda on the small side. Then we bought this biscuit … Continue reading

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Potsticker Sauce

I’ve always loved that sauce that comes with the potstickers in a Chinese restaurant, and was wicked pleased to have come across THE recipe in an old cookbook down in my stacks: 365 Ways to Cook Chinese. The sauce goes … Continue reading

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Grilled Baby Bok Choy

One of our friends grills a fine bok choy on the charcoal behemoth he keeps on his patio; so whenever we’re out and he spots a nice batch o’ these tasty little cabbages, Rich likes pick up a few to … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie (with a bit of Bourbon)

It’s a cloudy, drizzly kinda day, after a late night/early morning of driving rain and thunderboomers – yay! It has been so dry here for so long that this is a more than welcome change in the weather. Rain Dance … Continue reading

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Chicken in a Pickle in a Sammich

There was a LOT of news this past week about this certain most-definitely-NOT hamburger-based chain and some stuff the owner of the chain said. I’m gonna stay out of all of that; because folk who know me already know my … Continue reading

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Saturday Bonus!

Here’s the deal: The nice folk at Better Homes and Gardens magazine made me an offer I cannot resist in the way of a two-year subscription; and now that I have the bill in hand, they are very kindly offering … Continue reading

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Parfait! Jewel Rolls – Soul Rolls with a bit of sparkle!

I call this cheese-less version of Soul Rolls Jewel Rolls because… well, just look at those tidy little packets with all the pretty colors peeking out from just beneath the wrapper. Rich is cutting out most dairy from his diet, … Continue reading

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Watermelon Pickle

I’ve been enjoying watermelon lately. I usually just buy a quarter or half melon, partly because Rich doesn’t really like it and a whole is just too darned much to get through; but mostly because I can see what the … Continue reading

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