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Parfait! Apple Galette

Always fretting your home made apple pie never looks like the ones in the magazines – with those cunnin’ little leaf cut outs and perfectly crimped edges? Well, fret ye not! A galette, simply put, is a pie with most … Continue reading

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Sour Cream Substitute

Consider the dip. Basic, almost a must have, at many gatherings this time of year; and made up – normally – of sour cream and some sort of spice and flavor blend, whether from a packet or your own, time-tested … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 49: Upside Down Pizza Casserole

I found this recipe at the bottom of The Bag on a small piece clipped from the local newspaper with the byline of a lady who must’ve published a bunch of recipes in the paper, because I’ve come across a … Continue reading

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Better For You (but still wicked tasty) Sweet Potatoes

Aaah, the holiday season; with the dining room overladen with rich, tempting treats. Treats like… sweet potatoes! Except… in our house, you won’t find the tasty tubers laden down with brown sugar and pecans and marshmallows and maple syrup and … Continue reading

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Korean Caribbean Pork Ribs

Totally tender, wicked tasty, and a snap (if not quick) to make in your oven, you are gonna wanna try this different take on pork barbecue. I started with some bone-in country style pork ribs that my local market had … Continue reading

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Parfait! Zippy Tartar Sauce

I was in the mood for some fish stick-y kinda thing for dinner, and Trader Joe’s very nicely came through with a box of their breaded fish nuggets. I had a bag of tots in the freezer, so all that … Continue reading

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Baby Broccoli

In this season of cheese sauces and cookies; where every gathering table seems to look more like an invitation to carbohydrate city, let us take a moment to consider a fast, tasty veggie side that won’t have you checking your … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 48: Tomato Basil Chicken

My mom-in-law is quite proud of her home state, and likes to support local, home grown businesses when she can; so, there had to be at least one recipe from the nice folk at Red Gold Tomatoes in the big … Continue reading

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Biscuits & Gravy Casserole

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, several folk had posted biscuit and gravy casserole recipes and, seeing how biscuits and sausage gravy is one of Rich’s very favorite breakfast indulgences, I thought it’d be a perfect breakfast to wrap … Continue reading

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Horseradish & Sriracha Aioli

Aioli. Allioili. Garlic Mayonnaise. Call it what you will, this tasty little sauce is a snap to toss together in a blender or a regular food processor; but downright simple to do in a mini food processor, as we learned … Continue reading

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