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Parfait! Jalapeño Cream Cheese

Not every holiday treat needs to be sweet. Take this tasty little confection; cream cheese combined with some dried peppers and a bit of seasoning, then whipped to a nicely spreadable consistency – who wouldn’t want a dab of this … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just want a steak…

I had this slab o’ beef in the fridge… Steak sounded like just the thing for dinner, and this sirloin had been on special at the market; the only thing is, what does one do with sirloin steak? As it … Continue reading

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Next! Gordita (style) Sauce

Rich was in the mood for Gorditas, and in a strange turn of post-Thanksgiving logic, thought that chicken would be a nice change of pace… Teh chicken was a non-issue, I sliced some boneless and skinless thighs into strips, tossed … Continue reading

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Gateway Pork Chops

Pork chops is what’s for dinner. I normally prefer mine on the bone, because I think they have more flavor, but every now and again, when the market has a special on these portioned, boneless chops, I pick up a … Continue reading

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Thanks for The Leftovers…

The dishes are done, family and friends safely back in their own homes, but you still have turkey and stuffing and cranberries and stuff taking up space in your fridge and/or freezer; and there are just so many turkey sammiches … Continue reading

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Parfait! ‘sup!

Why, yes, that IS a rather large amount of jars filled with some red substance in the picture – it is actually 14 pints of nicely spiced ketchup – or, as we call it around here; ‘sup. As it happens, … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Drink…

A few weeks ago, Rich and I went to Wine and Dine Wisconsin in Milwaukee with our friends Bob and Don. It’s a cool exhibition, and pretty decent deal, where around $40 will get you sample tastings of everything from … Continue reading

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French Carrot Salad

Put away the jell-o. REALLY. You don’t have to suspend shredded carrots in orange flavored stuff with pineapple – tho’ it is kinda tasty. Try this, my kinda instant spin on a classic French salad: carottes râpées. I replaced the … Continue reading

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The BEST! (REALLY!) Cocktail Sauce

Oh, my! I have long been a fan of the barefoot contessa’s cocktail sauce, and have featured it here, but this time, I’ve taken the extra step of using my own, slightly spicy, ketchup, and 3 vinegar chili sauce to … Continue reading

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Today's Post is running just a little bit late…

as I head out to pick up this (hopefully) happy puppy from sleep-away camp. We spent a lovely long weekend up in Door County, Wisconsin and, sadly, our favorite B&B doesn’t allow dogs – even such obviously superior examples as … Continue reading

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