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Parfait! 2 Day Pasta Salad

Well, OK, mebbe not 2 days, but overnight, at least. Still, once you’ve tasted this macaroni salad, you won’t have minded the wait, it is just that good. The secret is in the dressing; you make twice as much as … Continue reading

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Death’s Door Salmon on a Plank

We have great neighbors. Mike and Abbey came back from a weekend in Door County (named for the Porte des Morts) and presented us with some truly wonderful salmon; smoked, which I posted about with the jalapeño cream cheese, and … Continue reading

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Better-For-You Grilled or Roasted Corn

How good does that look? Fresh corn on the cob, well-brushed with butter and seasonings and herbs all wrapped in foil and grilled until perfect. But, wait… This corn is every bit as good as that described above (mebbe a … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Cream Cheese

Back in the day, I belonged to a Bagel Club at my office, and every Thursday, it was one member’s duty to provide bagels and cream cheese for all of the members. My favorite Thursdays were when I or, even … Continue reading

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Pastiche Bistro and Wine Bar

It was Don’s birthday. Well… in truth, today is Don’s birthday, but we gathered on a warm summer’s Sunday evening to celebrate the event at this very cool little spot in the Bay View section of Milwaukee. Due to a … Continue reading

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Parfait! Linguiça ‘n Beer

Our local Jewel had started carrying linguiça again – for some reason,  they only seem to stock it in the summer – and I was feeling a need for some of this garlicky sausage goodness. I had tried something that … Continue reading

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One, last time with the anchovies… I still do not care for this oily little fish, but can honestly say that I did not hate this recipe as much as I did the Gentleman’s Relish. Mebbe it’s because there was … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Biscuits

Rich felt like ‘breakfast for dinner’ – which around here means that he makes sausage gravy and we have it over biscuits with a light Chianti… well, we have it over biscuits, anyway. Due to circumstances beyond my personal control, … Continue reading

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Glazed, Grilled Ham Steak

I had a ham steak in the freezer, and a lovely, fresh tub of crème fraîche from Trader Joe’s in the fridge, to take an updated stab at Ham Steak René. The I came across this jar of Whisky Marmalade … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Coffee Ring

Some good friends had all decided to gather for breakfast. Wes was making sausage gravy, Barb was making stuffed French toast, Kara English muffin bread, Joce some lovely crêpes, and Allie a really tasty stuffed bread thing-y. With all that … Continue reading

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