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Easy, Cheesy Grits

So. You recall those tasty pressure cooker ribs from the other day? Well, I boned and shredded the leftovers and thought I would serve them over cheesy grits – kinda like polenta, but made with white corn, or hominy, than … Continue reading

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Country Style Ribs in the Pressure Cooker and Broiler

Whew, talk about a title! But… I was in the mood for ribs and the day kinda got away from me, so I went on a search of da google and came up with a method – and a marinade … Continue reading

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Heavy Cream Louis, But Better!

Folx who know me know that I can rarely pass up a salad with Louis Dressing on it, especially if asparagus is involved. So much so that I have five different serving options and variations on this one site. But … Continue reading

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Arby’s Sauce – As a Glaze

So… this was gonna be a twofer recipe day; our current FAVORITE meatloaf method, and my current FAVE glaze for said meatloaf, but… It was a snowy day, and I had physical therapy for my boo-boo shoulder, and now I … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Tatchos

This recipe showed up somewhere from the nice folx at Food Network, and I thought it would work a treat as the main course for an early afternoon Book Club gathering. It is gluten free, and I kept the pickled … Continue reading

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Ranch Feta

I came across the idea for this spread from a cookbook dedicated to all things Ranch. Important Note: I paid nowhere near the ridiculous price listed in the link. I mean, I, like most of us do like my ranch … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Cheese Spread

Chalk up another winning concept from the nice folx who do our weekly food kits! This tasty spinach and cream cheese spread worked a treat as a burger topping, but you would also be well served to slather this on … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Marinade – Now With Beer!

So. You wanna grill some chicken, or mebbe some nice pork chops, but, how to grill the suckers so they are tender and flavorful, not just dried out husks of crunchy grill flavor? Marinade, baby! Now, there are any number … Continue reading

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Cincinnati-Style Chili

There are probably as many different recipes for Cincinnati Chili as there are folx who make it, so I make no apologies for my take on this classic. I use a ‘meatloaf mix” of ground beef and pork (bonus if … Continue reading

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Let’s Louis Like We Mean It!

One of my all time fave salads is assorted greens, blanched asparagus, and, if available, grilled shrimp or lobster. With Louis Dressing. Louis dressing, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is like Thousand Island has shed those awkward teen … Continue reading

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