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Black Bean Sopes

Traditionally, a sope is a thick corn tortilla topped with veggies and (mebbe) meat. In this case, the sope is half inch thick sliced polenta, fried in a bit of duck fat (because I could), topped with a mashed black … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

What makes this Vietnamese iced coffee? I have absolutely no clue. As a matter of fact, it tastes suspiciously like the Thai iced coffee I always order at my favorite noodle shop in the city – and that is not … Continue reading

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Parfait! Bleu Cheese Roasted Asparagus Soup

I had picked up a particularly large bunch of asparagus for a particularly good price, and, after thoroughly enjoying it roasted with olive oil, good balsamic vinegar and great bleu cheese; we had leftovers. What to do? Why, soup, for … Continue reading

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Root Beer Float Cake

Rich, dark chocolate with a hint of spice topped with vanilla buttercream and turbinado sugar on top; this cake really does taste quite a bit like a root beer float! And its kinda stoopidly simple to toss together, too. All … Continue reading

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Sriracha Ranch Mac & Cheese Salad

Just in time for summer gatherings around the grill or smoker, here’s a macaroni salad with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ extra: Sriracha, ranch dressing, maple roasted bacon; and, of course, that staple of macaroni salads everywhere; Kraft Dinner. ?!? Oh, … Continue reading

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Barbecued Chicken With Dry Rub Marinade

In yesterday’s post, I made an Alabama-style white barbecue sauce to go over barbecued chicken; today, we’ll set about to making the actual chicken. The white sauce tastes a lot better if allowed to sit in the fridge overnight, which … Continue reading

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White Barbecue Sauce

There are tons of versions of Alabama style white barbecue sauce out there – some have horseradish and Creole mustard, some call for fresh garlic, others for powder; heck, I even have a couple of white barbecue sauce recipes here, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Salted Steak

It’s Friday. It’s June. The sun is shining and the humidity (in our little neck o’ the prairielands) is gone. Wouldn’t tonight be a great evening to enjoy a steak? But, before you go out and add a second mortgage … Continue reading

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Bleu Cheese Roasted Asparagus

We had picked up some nice looking steaks to grill, and fresh asparagus was pretty nicely priced, so thought I’d do a little riff on our more usual asparagus/olive oil/balsamic vinegar roasted asparagus. And it was good. The riff? Crumble … Continue reading

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Garlic Bleu Cheese Biscuits

Scratch-made biscuits, flavored with garlic and really nice bleu cheese, ready in about 30 minutes? Yeah, youbetcha! We were having pasta for dinner and, while the sauce was simmering and I was getting the water ready to boil, I thought … Continue reading

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