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Red Clam Sauce

Last month, I came across a vintage advertisement from the nice folx at Campbell’s soup, detailing all the fun ways you could use their tomato soup with pasta. The one that caught my eye was their take on red clam … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Bacon Jam

It seemed a good idea to start the new year with this fave. Bacon jam is wicked tasty spread on a cracker or crusty bread, but, as we shall see later on this week it pairs beautifully with duxelles as … Continue reading

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Vintage Beefy Cocktail Spread

Really… doesn’t “Vintage Beefy Cocktail Spread” make a better headline than… Liverwurst Spread? It is ALL in the branding. The thing is, though, this liverwurst (or, if you prefer, Braunschweiger) spread is really simple to make and really, really tasty, … Continue reading

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Stuffing or Dressing? No Matter, It is ALL Good!

My sister and I are in agreement that the barefoot contessa is one of our fave cook book authors. I have never been unhappy with one of her recipes, and this stuffing (or dressing) is the one I will be … Continue reading

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Again With Mary’s Meatloaf

Yeh. I know. At this point in November, I should be posting something about turkey or stuffing or some such, and I will, but… at some point, don’t we just need a simple, tasty meatloaf? Mebbe with French Peas and … Continue reading

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Chicken Pate With Green Apple

One of my all-time fave munchies is a peppery chicken paté, the flavor built with the addition of a green apple, a nip or so of brandy, and, here’s my spin on the whole thing… I use allspice in place … Continue reading

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Really Good (And Gluten-Free!) Creamy Tomato Soup

Martha Stewart shared a really good looking, and wicked simple t toss together tomato soup recipe and I wanted to try it, but… I also had to tweak it a bit. I mean, there was no basil called for, and … Continue reading

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My Take on Maid-Rite Sammiches

Yeh. I know, they look like Sloppy Joes, but in Iowa, they are called Maid-Rite, and it seems as though most everyone has their own recipe. Brown sugar or white? Add ketchup will cooking or add it to the sammich … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Popper Bean and Bacon Soup

And now, finally we come to the reasons I made Ranch Jalapeños and Welsh Rarebit earlier in the week… Bean and Bacon Soup with creamy cheese and zippy jalapeños to make it like a big ole bowl of jalapeño poppers. … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Chicken…

We have been doing this weekly food kit thing for the past couple of years, and it is usually pretty spiffy. You check out an on-line menu and make your selection(s) by Friday evening, then come the following Monday, like … Continue reading

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