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Parfait! The Return of a Classic

Back in the day, Swiss Chicken Casserole was a mainstay dinner at my Aunt Buzz’s house; and it was always welcomed. Well except for my dad, who did not eat chicken. Aunt Buzz would use poached chicken breasts, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Steakhouse French Dressing

We have friends coming for a feast on Sunday, so I am busily making stuff ahead where I can. The cool thing (I think) is that stuff like this Steakhouse French Salad Dressing actually tastes better after it has rested … Continue reading

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Cheeseburger Tot Casserole

I came across the original version for this recipe (from the nice folx at Southern Living) on line and thought that, with a few easy tweaks, it would be perfect for a Book Club lunch. I easily made it gluten-free … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Dressing and a Nice Spinach Salad

My mom-in-law’s winter visit has gone pretty well. I have learned her distaste for bread crusts on sammiches, and preference for eating most meals with a soup spoon. Some dinners, she has flat out not cared for, but this one, … Continue reading

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Cheeseburger Pie

This is one of those “impossible” pies, made with biscuit mix and cooked ground beef and eggs and cheese and milk and such. The thing is, we are not, currently, calling it “Cheeseburger Pie” at home because my mom-in-law is … Continue reading

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Chomorro-Style Chicken

A friend had posted an old picture of friends enjoying the local barbecued chicken back when they lived on Guam and well… it looked really good. So, I did some research and found a recipe from someone born and raised … Continue reading

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Iberian Tomato Sauce

Check out this sauce! It comes together in next to no time, and, trust me on this, even if you do not care for Spanish olives, I think that you will be pretty darned in favor of them in this … Continue reading

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Ciao! Picollo

For my final canning project of this holidaze season, I set about making what I call Ciao! Picollo, which is a mélange of pickled cauliflower, cabbage, bell peppers, jalapeños, onion, and garlic. It also just so happens to be pretty … Continue reading

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Peach Salsa

Decades ago, now, a coworker showed up at the office on a December Monday morning with a recipe he had been given by a little old lady he had run into at some holidaze fair or other. The recipe was … Continue reading

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Donair Pizza With Baby Arugula

Yesterday, I shared some impovements I’ve made to my fave Pizza Dough. Today, I’m gonna share one of my new fave pizzas: Sliced Donair on ranch dressing, topped with thinly sliced onion, grape tomatoes, and a baby arugula salad. Donair … Continue reading

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