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Spicy Pineapple Relish

Around about here, adding ketchup to a hot dog is considered to be an abomination unto Vienna Beef. But, even around about here, respectful folk can respectfully disagree about whether or not pineapple has a place on a pizza (let … Continue reading

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Pandemic Potato Salad

No, you are not gonna get sick from eating this riff on German potato salad; the pandemic part comes from they type of potatoes I used. Canned potatoes. Canned sliced potatoes at that. I figured if I was gonna be … Continue reading

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Parfait! Fractured Tacos

And so, nine years later, we revisit my Aunt Buzz’s Fractured Taco Casserole. I have taken a few more steps away from my favorite Aunt’s 1960’s casserole; adding refried black beans to the taco meat and using tortilla chips in … Continue reading

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Taco Za!

Supposedly, taco pizza is a thing in Iowa: refried beans topped with taco seasoned meat and cheese. Well… we like tacos, and we like pizza, so of course we were gonna be having this! It might have helped that folk … Continue reading

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(Baked) Bean Soup

Some things I haven’t always known about canned baked beans: Number one: most are gluten-free. I would say all, but one never knows what someone will slip in when they can. Number two: cousins in the UK promise us that … Continue reading

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BBQ Ham Sammiches

I have had a version of this recipe bouncing around my computer for a while now, and the need to deal with leftover Easter ham has made me finally try it. I should not have waited so long – this … Continue reading

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Marinated Cherry Peppers

Wow – that went by fast. Today, in honor of this here food blog’s 10th anniversary (!), I am reposting my first recipe; cherry peppers stuffed with Provolone cheese and marinated for at least one week, or as long as … Continue reading

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Pepper Relish

This is a take on a classic New England relish recipe, which is quite tasty on crackers, spread on baked Brie, layered in calzone with sausage and Pepper Jack cheese, on burgers, and more. The traditional (New England) version is … Continue reading

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Hungarian Coleslaw

So. Before all the yelling starts… No. I do not know if this is an “authentic” Hungarian recipe. The recipe came from a vintage site that dated from 1971 – so – more than likely not a true take on … Continue reading

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Swiss Turkey Casserole

It’s a snowy day bonus recipe! This tasty casserole recipe, from my Aunt Buzz, originally called for cubed cooked chicken; but I went and in her words “gorped it up” by grabbing some leftover Popeye’s Cajun Turkey from the freezer, … Continue reading

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