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Sweet Potato Brioche

We love these whenever we visit Bayona in NOLA, and, lucky me, a friend had the cookbook and shared the recipe with me! I did misread my notes and accidently added six eggs to the dough instead of the called … Continue reading

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39 Years and Counting – Cranberry Relish

In the 1980’s, I headed to my parents’ house in Florida for the holidaze armed with Parade Magazine loaded with Julia Child’s ideas for a feast worthy of the daze. I no longer carve the breast out of the raw … Continue reading

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Peach Butter

Another ever popular holidaze gift from my kitchen is peach butter; with just a bit of mango and brandy added for interest. It also happens to be, with the use of frozen pitted, peeled and sliced peaches and mango, wicked … Continue reading

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Korean-Style Noodles, A Vegan Recipe

So, this recipe was supposed to be Japchae Korean-Style Noodles, but, even though my local market’s web site told me exactly what aisle they would be in, they did not, in fact, happen to carry the sweet potato noodles needed … Continue reading

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Indian-Style Sweet and Sour Sauce

Years ago, now, we went to a friend’s house blessing, which, unlike a house warming, is done before the new occupants move in. There are blessings and ceremony and, at the end, all of this terrific food! Our friend had … Continue reading

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Strawberry Orange Smoothie

Most mornings, we greet the day with a large glass of 100% orange juice; but last week, my husband brought home a case of COVID from the movie theater matinee he could not wait to see. All is well, we … Continue reading

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Better Berries Through Maceration

A while back, family was visiting and one of my brothers-in-law asked where I got the berries he was enjoying? I explained that they were simply supermarket berries, but I had macerated them, tossed ’em in a bit of Cointreau … Continue reading

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Julia Child’s Cranberry Relish

Yep. It is that time of year. When even small-time food blogs like mine get 100s of hits per day, everyone looking for that one perfect recipe for the big feast. Well, here it is, and you’re welcome. Some folx … Continue reading

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Blender Mousse

Back in the day, my mom would make pudding for dessert. From a mix, but not instant, and she would stand over a pot at the stove stirring for what seemed like forever while the pudding gently came together. My … Continue reading

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My Take on Maid-Rite Sammiches

Yeh. I know, they look like Sloppy Joes, but in Iowa, they are called Maid-Rite, and it seems as though most everyone has their own recipe. Brown sugar or white? Add ketchup will cooking or add it to the sammich … Continue reading

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