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Orange and Tamari Marinade for Pork

I came across a recipe for “the best pork marinade ever!” somewhere on the interwebs, and decided to try it out. And you know what? It is pretty darned tasty! The only caveat I would add is that you should … Continue reading

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Green Beans Mandarin

This is one of those mid century recipes that is actually quite good. A can of green beans (I use the reduced sodium version) and a packet of seasoning from ramen noodles come together with a few other simple ingredients … Continue reading

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Korean-Style Noodles, A Vegan Recipe

So, this recipe was supposed to be Japchae Korean-Style Noodles, but, even though my local market’s web site told me exactly what aisle they would be in, they did not, in fact, happen to carry the sweet potato noodles needed … Continue reading

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Fried Bread and Tomato Hash

Yeh. So, Nigella Lawson calls this a “hash,” but, truthfully, I think that it is just about the best example of a panzanella (a bread salad) that I have ever had. Bread cubes are fried in garlic infused olive oil, … Continue reading

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Pretty Tasty Rice Noodles

Yesterday, I posted about making Manchurian Sauce, one of my absolute faves in Indian cuisine. Today, I am gonna share the simple, wicked tasty rice noodles I served it with. I used linguini sized wide rice noodles and, for my … Continue reading

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Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing

While on vacation last week, I had this pretty terrific salad on the plane. It was thinly sliced steak and cabbage and lettuce and daikon and carrots and such over a bed of rice noodles with a nice sesame ginger … Continue reading

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Drunken Noodles

So, first thing, this recipe from Nigella Lawson is as alcohol-free as it is gluten-free. I *think* the name comes from the fact that it is really effective after a night out on the town, or perhaps evening the morning … Continue reading

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Asian-Inspired Chicken Thighs

Sadly, I did not make a note of where I came across this recipe, because, credit as credit is due, it is delicious! And, the only real change I made was to replace the called for soy sauce with lower … Continue reading

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Country Style Ribs in the Pressure Cooker and Broiler

Whew, talk about a title! But… I was in the mood for ribs and the day kinda got away from me, so I went on a search of da google and came up with a method – and a marinade … Continue reading

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Air Fried Potstickers and Sauce!

So, yeh, we had these for dinner one night, with baked veggie bird’s nests, and it was wicked tasty. It was also wicked easy, because the potstickers and the bird’s nests were straight out of Trader Joe’s freezer case. No … Continue reading

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