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Munchies Overview

So. I’ve heard there’s some big to-do going on a few hours South of here this weekend. Don’t really know much about it – we don’t follow teh golf – but it seems to  me that a big to-do is … Continue reading

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Martin County Sausage Soufflé

Rich’s mom gave me this recipe when we were down for Christmas, and I just recently got around to trying it out. My! Is it tasty! And – wicked simple to toss together; it’s basically a strata – one of … Continue reading

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Parfait! Honey Rye Bread

To review: we’ve got Sweet Honey French Bread (love that bread), and Sourdough Bread, and then Sourdough Rye Bread. All are good – tho’ I was getting a bit tired of the French bread, and the sourdough required too much … Continue reading

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Pure’ Madrileño

Mid-CenturyMenu is a cool blog dedicated to resurrecting – warts and all – at least one, ermmm, classic recipe a week from the pages, well, OK, the cookery booklets, of recent history. This recipe is from one of those booklets. … Continue reading

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Salmon Croquettes

I’m thinkin’ mebbe I shoulda read the recipe better… Don’t get me wrong – these were GOOD – especially after I added a dab o’ Sweet Chili Sauce on top of the rémoulade-like sauce called for – but they cooked … Continue reading

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Meatball Stroganoff

Or, mebbe I should call these Swedish Meatballs, tho’ I already have a version of those here, with a follow-up on da sauce here. What these really are is my new favorite buttermilk meatballs, cooked with sautéed ‘shrooms and diced … Continue reading

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Crème Fraîche

When I’ve come across recipes that call for crème fraîche, I more or less assumed that sour cream would be a pretty straightforward substitute – and it is – mostly; tho’ you have to be careful cooking with sour cream … Continue reading

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Parfait! Poutine, Potatoes, and Pork

And yet, still no cheese curds. While we were out and about last weekend, Rich came across a bag of frozen sweet potato fries, and we wondered if they would come out any crispier than did my home-cut version. The … Continue reading

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Turkey Casserole Revisited

So, we had a bunch o’ Turkey Casserole left over from dinner – it makes a lot anyway, and there’s just the two of us – but those leftovers, while not bad, exactly, were just wicked blah, and the thought … Continue reading

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Turkey Casserole

I had one bag of leftovers stashed in the freezer from that tasty Apple and Bourbon bird, and it was time to deal with it. I was thinking of a recipe my Aunt Buzz used to make; Swiss Chicken (well, … Continue reading

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