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Parfait! Black Bean Espresso Chili

When last I posted this recipe, I left it pretty much as is: SEVEN cans of black beans, 1/4 CUP of instant espresso powder, etc. That formula made a LOT o’ chili, in my not-so-humble opinion (tho’ the author(s) claimed … Continue reading

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Stuff to come…

Our friend Bob (of Barb and Bob, not of Bob and Don, try to keep up) brought much more than his very tasty shrimp mole to our last game night – he brought two cookbooks along as gifts for yours … Continue reading

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An Autumn Interlude… and Steak ‘n Tots

It’s been cold, damp, dreary, damp, rainy, damp, gray, and, did I mention DAMP? Walking, or, mebbe more truthfully, dragging the world’s best puppy yesterday through yet another day’s blattering of rain made me truly thankful for chunky-soled shoes, slightly … Continue reading

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Butterscotch Nut Bread

A friend of ours had picked up some cool vintage cookery books for me at a garage sale, and they featured some kinda weird recipes that I just had to try – think baked bean bread – hatched in a … Continue reading

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Dry Rub for Ribs

I had this HUGE tray of boneless country-style ribs in the freezer (yup, another happy trip to Costco) that I had a taste for; now, how to do ’em up? My old standby braising method IS tasty, works with yer … Continue reading

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Tomatoes from teh garden

Here we are, closing in on September, autumn has begun, and I am just now getting results from the Solanum Lycopersicum members of this year’s deck garden. Let us not even discuss teh basil… Still, the sage and parsley are … Continue reading

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Parfait! Beer ‘n Sausages!

One of the hazards of running into Costco on a busy weekend when you haven’t had time to get lunch is all of the food sampling stations. Or, mebbe that’s a benefit? Rich and I had been out and about … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Mustard Grilled Tuna Steak

We’d been on the road, visiting family in Indiana (and noshing), then at home, with family from Canada visiting us (and noshing), and finally chilling with friends (and noshing) – it was time for something reasonably healthful for dinner. Ahi … Continue reading

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Wicked Good Onion Dip

I was planning our first Game Night of the season – a sometimes widely sought after event – and was thinking about munchies… This particular Game Night was not as, ermmm, widely sought after as some others, so I wanted … Continue reading

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I don’t know what it’s like in other MidWestern cities, but you can’t swing an Italian Beef Sammich around about these parts without hitting some giardiniera – spicy (or not) veggies lightly pickled and then covered in oil – what … Continue reading

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