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Honey Mustard Pork Chops & ‘Shrooms

Technically, this is a slow cooker recipe; and the original recipe I based this on could all be done in the slow cooker. But… while they did dredge the chops in seasoned flour, they did not brown them first. Also, … Continue reading

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Ranch Pickles

I was going through my latest Taste of Home magazine issue, and came across this kinda cunning sounding hack: pickles and ranch dressing mix. No, no, you do not make the ranch dressing and dip the pickles in it, though … Continue reading

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Just in Time for Turkey Taco Tuesday!

So, YEH, I know that it is Monday, but, you gotta prepare for Taco Tuesday, and the thing is, this taco casserole comes together fast enough that you can make it after getting home from work and still have time … Continue reading

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Frozen Tempura Cauliflower in the Air Fryer (and Manchurian Sauce!)

Last month, I cooked some frozen Boom Boom Shrimp from Whole Foods in my air fryer, then tossed them with my home made Manchurian Sauce, a kinda Indo-Chinese fusion that is one of my faves. Then we went out to … Continue reading

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Shrimp Toast

For the holidaze, my husband had a taste for shrimp cocktail, with my own home made Cocktail Sauce, of course, so, since we were at a store known for their spendy, but usually quite good stuff; we picked up a … Continue reading

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Fireball Fizzz

It’s Monday; a holiday for some, and a pretty crappy winter storm day for others, so why not make a drink? Or three. We actually made these for a small dinner with friends in Saturday, and everyone seemed pretty happy … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Pork Flautas al Pastor

This recipe is a variation on another food kit that we quite enjoyed, though the food kit used thinly sliced pork and, going forward, I am gonna use ground pork. If pork doesn’t work for you, feel free to substitute … Continue reading

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Another Onion Jam

A bit over a week ago, I posted about a most excellent Balsamic Onion Jam that was wicked simple and pretty darned tasty on burgers and other sammiches. It put me in mind of another Onion Jam I had made … Continue reading

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Boneless Leg of Lamb

In contrast to Thanksgiving, when we had most of my husband’s family for dinner; Christmas was just the two of us, so I went in search of something small, but Holidaze Feast worthy. My market delivered in the form of … Continue reading

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Lunch Lady Pizza

Yesterday, I posted Lunch Lady Pizza Sauce from; today we’re gonna bring the whole shebang home. With, ermmm, a few alterations of my own. See, justcookwell wanted me to make their pizza dough in a bowl with a spoon … Continue reading

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