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Parfait! Lemon Poppyseed Dressing – and a Salad, too!

What could be nicer on a warm summer’s evening than a cool spinach salad with fresh, sweet strawberries, sliced apple, onion, and nicely candied pecans? Why, a spinach salad with all of that good stuff all topped off with your … Continue reading

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Herbed Chicken With White Barbecue Sauce

We were poking around a cool new (to us – it had been a while since our last visit) shop in the Milwaukee Public Market when Rich came across this jar of white barbecue sauce that quite intrigued him. By … Continue reading

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Basil Mayonnaise

My basil is doing really well this year; whether because of the shelter provided by the dwarf maple in the next pot over, or because it is simply just that much happier on the front porch as opposed to the … Continue reading

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Espresso, Plum and Chipotle Barbecue Ribs

I came across an interesting looking recipe on for oven barbecued ribs and, well, I had that rack o’ ribs in the freezer… Only thing was, the original recipe called for orange juice. A lot of folk like orange … Continue reading

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Ponzu Shrimp With Cabbage

So, I had this half a head of cabbage hanging around in the crisper… I’d already made a fair amount of the Best! cole slaw – a recipe that Rich even doesn’t mind, and cole slaw is not one of … Continue reading

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Parfait! Blueberry Salad With Pita and Feta Cheese

When I first posted about this salad from Nadia G, I made it more or less the way she did, with Mshalale – a Lebanese string cheese – but substituted parsley for the mint, and dried cherries for the pomegranate … Continue reading

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Deviled Bacon

This recipe was in our paper the week before Father’s Day as part of an article featuring bourbon-based treats for dad, tho’, strangely enough, this particular recipe contained no bourbon. Well, a simple misreading of the instructions, which led me … Continue reading

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Green Beans With Bacon and Garlic

Has there ever been a better combination than green beans and bacon, cooked slowly with onion and garlic? Well… yeh, my grandmother would take a jar of her home-canned green beans and fry them kinda quickly in bacon fat with … Continue reading

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The (Great!) Canadian Spice Cake

Rich had a taste for some spice cake, and by happy coincidence, I had this recipe from our cousins North o’ the border. The thing that makes this cake Canadian is, I’m guessing, the use of ketchup – traditionally Heinz … Continue reading

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Pita With Feta and Artichokes

When last we left our freshly baked pita bread on Friday, I was beginning to explain some of the not-so-traditional pita bread uses I put mine to; like brushed with lemon juice and olive oil, then seasoned with sea salt, … Continue reading

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