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Layered Salad – Lettuce Optional

Y’know what? Ignore the Iceberg! Resist the Romaine! A perfectly nice salad can get along perfectly well without lettuce – and – bonus! – using veggies that are not so quick to wilt means that you can make your salad … Continue reading

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Korean-ish Potato Salad

First; no, this fine potato salad is not made with kimchee or Gochujang or whatever you might think makes something Korean. No doubt there are as many recipe variations as there are households, but, what I think makes this a … Continue reading

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Red Onion Jam

My husband shared a Martha Stewart recipe on Facebook for grilled Gruyère sammiches with onion jam and, well, I was in! Martha had a preferred source for her onion jam, but, well, I had onions in the house after all, … Continue reading

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Hawaiian-Style Pasta Salad

I came across a discussion about Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, and it looked interesting enough that I wanted to try it. But. Apparently, there are rules. Certain friends will be wicked pleased to know that pineapple and ham are not to … Continue reading

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Antipasto Salad With Beans and Asparagus

Not all salads have to have lettuce – I mean, think about coleslaw! This salad idea, originally from the very nice folk at foodnetwork, proves that and then goes a step or five beyond, by allowing me to substitute blanched … Continue reading

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Creamy Guacamole

I came across an advertisement for “creamy guacamole” which looked to be almost a salad dressing and, I was intrigued. It reminded me of a sauce that I rather liked a long time ago – mebbe when I was living … Continue reading

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Chick Pea Antipasto Salad

I came across the original version of this recipe on a facebook page I quite like: Recipe Clippings. They post old recipes they have come across in newspapers, pamphlets, magazine ads, and the like. At first, this was a layered … Continue reading

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Waldorf Cabbage Salad

I came across a vintage recipe for Waldorf Salad made with cabbage (!) and the publisher’s own jarred coleslaw dressing. Hmmm. I loved the concept – except for the jarred dressing bit. My mom’s Waldorf salads were made with apples … Continue reading

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Gyro Dip

Yeh. It’s January 2, so, technically, the holidaze are over… But… I still have some celebratin’ to do; and what better way to celebrate with friends and family with a delicious layered dip that tastes a whole heckuva lot like … Continue reading

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Pineapple Relish

I was reading a novel, and one of the characters was enjoying pineapple relish on something or other, so, quicklikeabunny, I went to da Google, where I found a recipe for Hawaiian Hot Dogs with Pineapple Relish on Rachael Ray’s … Continue reading

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