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Zippy Baked Cheez-Its

I picked up a new cookbook, well… I bought one for my sister’s birthday, and then thought I may as well have one myself – so we could compare notes, y’know? Anywho; the author, Jeff Mauro, had a recipe where … Continue reading

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Meatball Crescent Sliders

When I posted about the most excellent Stuffing Mix Meatballs yesterday, a friend asked me “why would a large meatball be a bad thing?” And, really, it isn’t, except… These meatballs, while very good, are also very filling, so, better … Continue reading

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Stuffing Mix Meatballs

I had come across a recipe for barbecue cocktail meatballs from, I think, the nice folk at Kraft – because they called for using their barbecue sauce, and I thought that I could mebbe try it as a two-fer; once … Continue reading

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Parfait! Guinness Cake

Rich. Dense. Chocolatey goodness. And, Guinness! This cake is not one of those light and airy confections. Nope, it is denser than your average fruitcake, but so loaded with flavor that you will not really care, so, let us explore … Continue reading

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Classic Coleslaw – Like KFC

I am a big coleslaw fan, but am also pretty picky about it. A lot of commercial slaws are taste off to me – too creamy or too vinegar-y or some such; but KFC’s coleslaw is mebbe my second fave. … Continue reading

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Cowboy Candy

I had some leftover jalapeños from making a batch of Ciao! Picollo and, well, the canning pot was still full of water, and I had lids and jars prepped anyway, so… Why not make Cowboy Candy? Cowboy Candy is basically … Continue reading

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Ciao! Picollo

No, I am not sending a greeting to a musical instrument. Instead, this is my homage to Chow Chow, a slightly zippy pickle relish usually based on cabbage. Mine does have cabbage, but the backbone of this pickle is cauliflower. … Continue reading

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Air Fried Chicken Breasts

We’ve been playing around with one of those mail-order dinner kits, and have, mostly, been pretty happy with the meals. I’ve learned some interesting new combinations and techniques, like slightly blistered green beans or, as in this image, the combination … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Croquettes! Ham, This Time

Last time I sampled Croquettes, I had dragged the last of the holidaze turkey out of the freezer. And we were wicked pleased. This time, it was leftover Easter ham and mashed potatoes. And we were still wicked pleased; especially … Continue reading

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Miso Ginger Cod with Birch Syrup

Wait. What? BIRCH syrup?!? Yep. Kinda hard to find (though you can order it on Amazon), and, as our friend Barbara would say, “kinda spendy,” but totally worth it – if for no other reason than using it as part … Continue reading

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