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Blue Cheese Spinach Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing

Back in the day, spinach salad was served with a warm bacon dressing, but we don’t need to hold to old habits; especially when this spinach salad is so very good! Crumbled Maytag blue cheese, dried cherries, thinly sliced red … Continue reading

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Swiss Cheese and Bacon Spread

I came across this recipe on a page of vintage cheese recipes, and thought it’d be a nice addition to our Book Club gathering. The original recipe suggested serving on Ritz or Wheat Thins crackers, but this was a predominantly … Continue reading

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Mary’s Meatloaf

Our friend Mary is always posting about her projects; home made sausage, canned chicken or clams, sausage and gravy, and more, so, when she posted a meatloaf recipe last fall and confessed that, while many meatloaf recipes have failed her, … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Creamsicle Cheesecake

And, just when you think it safe to smugly disparage jello, along comes something wonderful like this… A cheesecake that tastes like one of those orange and vanilla creamsicles. Oh, and it is Guten-frikkin-Free! So. Bonus! The nice folk at … Continue reading

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Tuscan Butter Shrimp

We spent a quiet Easter at home, just the two of and the pets. So. No ham. No multitude of side dishes. But. The nice folk at Delish did provide us a creamy shrimp recipe that looked really good, not … Continue reading

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Berry Cream Cheese Galette

So… this was decent, but, I believe I overloaded it with the berries and their liquid. The original recipe, from the nice folx at, called for using 1/2 pound of blueberries and, well, I had a one pound bag … Continue reading

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George’s Salad

Who the heck is George? Well, traditionally, in my family, George was just about any guy whom’s name my Pepé (grandfather) couldn’t bother to recall. In this case, George’s is a restaurant somewhere around about Indianapolis where I went to … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Guinness (Cake)!

It’s April, and so it was time to celebrate my husband’s birthday by having friends over to share a cocktail, some Thai-Style Stew, rather a lot of wine, and, of course, this tasty take on a chocolate Guinness cake. The … Continue reading

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Thai-Style Pork Stew – New and Improved!

I have been making this tasty stew for twelve years now, and I am kinda surprised at how I am still able to improve on an already good dish. One of the big issues for serving this to a crowd … Continue reading

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The Sherry on the Edge of Forever

For Christmas, a friend gave me this cookbook of cocktails based on Star Trek™ episodes and, since we were having her over for dinner, along with a number of other good friends, I was determined to make a signature drink … Continue reading

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