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Pizza Fondue

As often happens when family comes for the holidaze, they tend to come and go in shifts. Some came Wednesday morning and were staying through Saturday, others arrived Wednesday evening and left just after lunch on Friday; so aside from … Continue reading

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Pork Ragu Casserole

Yesterday, I posted my veggie-ful Pork Ragu recipe, which we enjoyed over egg noodles. It was very good, but made way more than just the two of us could eat over the course of several days, so I chose to … Continue reading

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Banzai Burgers

Yeh, it’s September but there is still time to grill some burgers. Heck, these are even pretty terrific pan-fried, so, let us get our collective teriyaki on and enjoy some burgers with cheese and grilled pineapple! This is my home … Continue reading

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Doritos Taco Salad

Yesterday, I posted my Fave French Salad Dressing, which, while I have posted it before, I really needed to make a batch for this wicked tasty salad, or, as my friend, Barb, exclaimed when I set in on the table: … Continue reading

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Tamale Casserole

The nice folk at Cooking Light published the original of this recipe as “Chicken Tamale Casserole,” but, after making it, and talking with my quarantine food group, I see no real reason why you couldn’t make this with shrimp, or … Continue reading

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Parfait! Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Yeh. No. I am not talking about fried mashed potatoes – not that there is anything wrong with that. These are those tasty tiny potatoes that, when I was a kid, my grandmother would call “new potatoes” and were always … Continue reading

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Meatball Crescent Sliders

When I posted about the most excellent Stuffing Mix Meatballs yesterday, a friend asked me “why would a large meatball be a bad thing?” And, really, it isn’t, except… These meatballs, while very good, are also very filling, so, better … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Croquettes! Ham, This Time

Last time I sampled Croquettes, I had dragged the last of the holidaze turkey out of the freezer. And we were wicked pleased. This time, it was leftover Easter ham and mashed potatoes. And we were still wicked pleased; especially … Continue reading

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Chicken Enchiladas

This comes to us from Rich’s mom’s recipe box – with a little nudge from the nice folk at Campbell’s – plus a few additions from me. It is one of his fave dinners, so, of course, he requested it … Continue reading

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Mini Meat and Cheese Crescent Roll Munchies

ALDI has this pretty neat assortment tray of pepperoni and salami and stuff wrapped around bits of cheese. Perfect for parties, right? Of course, but… I had bought a tray for a family gathering, figuring that the kids would demolish … Continue reading

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