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Swedish Baked Beans

OK, first things first, provenance… Of course this is an authentic recipe! I found it on the interwebs from a restaurant in Kansas that was in bidness from aound 1955 to 1960. How much more authentic do you actually need? … Continue reading

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Air Fried Salmon With Fancy French Fish Sauce

Aside from one or two friends of mine, most folk love salmon. We like ours freshly smoked, for bagels or for my take on Kedgeree, and fresh glazed, on the grill or, more often now, air fryer. For today’s post, … Continue reading

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Blender Pot de Crème

Technically, this recipe is based on my Aunt Buzz’s blender chocolate mousse, but I’ve lost that recipe and this is as close as I’ve been able to come to the yummy dessert treat of so very many years ago. And, … Continue reading

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Beer Brats

So, full disclosure (and, just about apostasy, given where I live), but I never really saw the big deal about brats. Until, I discovered the bit about where you simmer the suckers in butter and beer and onions and peppers … Continue reading

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Fancy French Fish (and More!) Sauce

I was going through a vintage advertising site and came across one for “Seafood Special Dressing” from the nice folk at Kraft sometime around the middle of the last century and, well, it looked… Interesting. Now, I assume this was … Continue reading

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Ranch Pickles

I posted this recipe back in January, and while, we liked them, I thought that I could do better by using a sweet and zippy pickle than the dill slices I tried at first. As it happens, I was correct; … Continue reading

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Mighty-Fine (Mebbe the Best!) Coleslaw

I am pretty particular about my coleslaw, and can easily say that this is my very fave. Well, my very fave that I can make at home. There is a dive chicken place in my mom-in-law’s old home town that … Continue reading

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Of Frozen Shrimp and Air Fryers

Truly, if it was just for the frozen shrimp and the french fries and onion rings, I would love, Love, LOVE my air fryer combo. Thing is, I have made steaks, and chicken, and swordfish and scallops and, well so … Continue reading

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Sriracha Mayonnaise

Looking for a simple way to zip up, say, your air-fried shrimp? Consider Sriracha Mayonnaise! I started with some Hellmann’s, but if you wanna go old school and make your own, I can help you out… Classic Mayonnaise, even Eggless … Continue reading

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How’s About Some Sangria?

The weather is fine and the weekend upon us, so why not? This recipe is (loosely) based on the sangria served on Viking Cruises. Why loosely? Well, I used red wine instead of rosé, cherries in place of the called … Continue reading

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