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Spicy Pimiento Cheese

Here’s the deal: We all like my Paula Deen-based pimiento cheese spread – be it on a cracker, or slathered on top of a burger; but this slightly lighter, slightly spicier alternate was also pretty darned popular. The original recipe … Continue reading

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Teriyaki Sauce

I had everything needed to make Thai pork stew; some nice pork chops, assorted fresh peppers, garlic… except… Hmmmm. No teriyaki sauce – in the back o’ the fridge OR the pantry! I HATE it when that happens! Well, all … Continue reading

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Meatloaf Quesadilla

I thought this made for a nice appetizer, and very conveniently used up the last of some meatloaf taking up shelf space in the fridge. The original recipe from called for serving these with a cilantro cream, which was … Continue reading

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Korean-Style Romaine

I believe this recipe was originally meant to be served as a salad course, but I opted to offer it as an appetizer because: A: I needed another vegetarian munchy for game night, and B: I had all the ingredients … Continue reading

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Da BIG Cheeseburger Pizza

Here it is – the culmination of three days of posting and planning! And you know what? It’s not too, too bad! I’ve always kind of liked the idea of this pizza – especially how it tastes almost exactly like … Continue reading

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Pizza Dough

Post two in our Big Cheeseburger Pizza trilogy – and maybe the most important part – the dough. This particular pizza calls for starting with a store-bought baked crust (think Boboli) – so I thought I’d take a shot at … Continue reading

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It’s Special…

It’s cold. It’s gray. It’s SNOWING! Grrr. Oh well, can’t do anything about the weather but wait for it to get better; and really; if it’s going to be all cold and gray and everything, at least the snow brightens … Continue reading

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Maple Mustard Chicken Thighs

A nice, simple chicken when you don’t have the time (or buttermilk) for a marinade; and lemons or tomatoes are not an option. I paired ours up with some sautéed ‘shrooms, Basmati rice and a tossed salad. Ermmm, the little … Continue reading

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Parsley Potatoes

Surely not. This prosaic little side dish needs no recipe does it? One presumably adds some parsley to some potatoes, and one calls it a day, no? Apparently not. When out to dinner with friends recently, Rich was quite taken … Continue reading

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French Onions

I pity the poor soul who felt they had to offer this recipe review on “Horrible… a waste of good cheese.” Tasting a bit like a nice onion soup, I thought this simple (and decidedly NOT horrible) casserole a … Continue reading

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