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Johnny Mazetti…ermmm Zanzetti?

This here is a mid century mash up. Back in the day, American workers in the Panama Canal Zone (as the story goes) created a pasta casserole that become wicked popular, and rightfully so; Johnny Mazetti Spaghetti is tasty! More … Continue reading

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Cucumber Salad With Sweet Thai Chili Vinaigrette

Aside from the fact that salad  is wicked tasty, it is also wicked simple to toss together, and you get to choose whether to dress it up with sesame seeds or onion or anything else you feel in the mood … Continue reading

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Asian-Inspired Chicken Thighs

Sadly, I did not make a note of where I came across this recipe, because, credit as credit is due, it is delicious! And, the only real change I made was to replace the called for soy sauce with lower … Continue reading

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Blueberry & Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Yesterday, I posted my new and improved One. One. One. cake pan coating. Today, we’re gonna take it out for spin with this tasty blueberry & lemon poppy seed bundt cake, and a pretty cool hack to keep the berries … Continue reading

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One. One. One. But… Butter!

My very favorite trick when making a cake, especially a fancy one like this “Catherdral” bundt, is this wicked simple, but wicked effective mixture that practically guarantees your cake, baked and cooled properly, will pop out of the pan as … Continue reading

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Better Berries Through Maceration

A while back, family was visiting and one of my brothers-in-law asked where I got the berries he was enjoying? I explained that they were simply supermarket berries, but I had macerated them, tossed ’em in a bit of Cointreau … Continue reading

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AIr Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon

We have a really good fish monger on the way from our house to town, but I have also discovered that one of our regular markets does a fine job with seasoned salmon, on or off a cedar plank. And, … Continue reading

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Beer ‘n Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

So, yeh, first day of spring and all that, but… the evenings, around about here anyway, are still a bit nippy; the perfect weather for a hearty bowl of soup. And what a soup! Bacon! Beer! Beef! Cheese! My husband … Continue reading

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My Take on Corned Beef and Cabbage

Yeh, I know. Most everyone is planning on a nice boiled dinner, Chicago has dyed the river green again and, well… it is tradition. Except… I do things a little differently. I usually cook my beef in the slow cooker … Continue reading

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Stuffing Ball Soup

You will recall that I dragged out my leftover turkey carcass from the freezer to make my new favorite stock. Well… this is the soup I first planned to make from (some) of it. Sausage stuffing balls, loaded with onion … Continue reading

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