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Air Fryer Turkey Breast

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about making a Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast that we all thought was really nice. Now, with my trusty new Air Fryer, I decided to revisit the turkey breast – but instead of a … Continue reading

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A Better Poppy Seed Dressing

Less sugar! Better tasting vinegar! Turmeric, because! This sweet and tangy dressing is, of course, pretty terrific on salad and coleslaw, but, one of my brothers-in-law maintains it to be fine on air fried turkey breast! That’s a lot of … Continue reading

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I Bought an Air Fryer

I held off. I mean, I have slow cooker(s) – yes – plural – and a multi pot, food processor, blender, stand mixer, all the accoutrements of your modern 21st century western kitchen. I certainly did not need an air … Continue reading

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Like Magic! Cherry Pie

When I posted this image on my personal faceplace page over the weekend, a friend who loves to bake commented on how nice and flaky the crust looked. And it was. But, there was a bit of subterfuge involved. See, … Continue reading

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No, REALLY! The BEST French Dressing

I have posted a LOT of French dressing recipes; and they’ve all been very good; but then, I came across another recipe and looking at the ingredient list, I got to thinking… “how about if I try it with this … Continue reading

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Zippy Apple Kielbasa Bites

I follow a nifty facebook page called “Welcome to My Kitchen,” which shares all sorts of interesting recipes, such as this one. Kinda surprisingly, I did not change the recipe too, too much, aside from adding my standard Sherry Peppers … Continue reading

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Grilled Teriyaki Skewers

Today’s post isn’t so much of a recipe as it is a method. A wicked tasty method, but, simply a method, still. I did next to nothing. My husband came across a skewer special while we were at Whole Foods … Continue reading

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Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

Everyone seems to be doing “Christmas in July” sales and the such, so why not add to the celebration by enjoying a turkey dinner? It’s not just for fall and winter anymore! What is kinda cool is; this turkey dinner … Continue reading

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Garlic Roasted Cocktail Shrimp

Earlier in the week, I shared my new fave Cocktail Sauce recipe. Now, let’s toss together a most excellent batch of shrimp to enjoy with that tasty, zippy sauce. And, the best part? While, sure you can serve these fine … Continue reading

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A Better Cocktail Sauce

I have long loved my kinda homemade cocktail sauce. Sure, I start out with jarred chili sauce, and ketchup, and horseradish, and stuff; but, when combined correctly, the whole is so much more than just the sum of its parts. … Continue reading

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