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Cheesy (In a GOOD Way) Tomato Basil Soup With Ranch Baked Saltines

What could be better on a cold January day than a hot bowl of tomato soup and some saltine crackers? Well… how’s about if the soup is a jazzed up version of Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade, and the saltines have … Continue reading

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Mississippi Pot Roast, Updated

Close to six years ago, good friends convinced me to try this crazy pot roast recipe with ranch dressing mix, Au Jus mix, pepperoncini, and butter. Crazy idea, right? But, NO! This is very tasty, wickedly simple to toss together … Continue reading

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Red Clam Sauce

Last month, I came across a vintage advertisement from the nice folx at Campbell’s soup, detailing all the fun ways you could use their tomato soup with pasta. The one that caught my eye was their take on red clam … Continue reading

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Easy, Cheesy Grits

So. You recall those tasty pressure cooker ribs from the other day? Well, I boned and shredded the leftovers and thought I would serve them over cheesy grits – kinda like polenta, but made with white corn, or hominy, than … Continue reading

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Country Style Ribs in the Pressure Cooker and Broiler

Whew, talk about a title! But… I was in the mood for ribs and the day kinda got away from me, so I went on a search of da google and came up with a method – and a marinade … Continue reading

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Peachy Cosmo

Now this is a fantastic little cocktail! BBC Good Food calls it a Woo Woo, but I loathe that name, and, really, it is much more of a Peachy Cosmo served over ice. The original called for adding a splash … Continue reading

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Irish Cream Tiramisu

I came across this recipe from Nigella Lawson and knew it would be a perfect dessert to share for a gathering. I did not realize how almost stoopidly simple it is to toss together, though it truly is. The only … Continue reading

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Chipotle Cherry Meatballs

Who hasn’t come across Grape Jelly Meatballs at a gathering? That blue text means there is a link to my version. Cranberry, too. This version adds cherry preserves into the mix, as well as a can of chipotles in adobo. … Continue reading

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Another Take on Deviled Eggs – No Mashing!

When I came a cross this recipe from the nice folx at Southern Living, I was intrigued. See, instead of scooping out the yolks, mashing them, and then stuffing ’em back into the egg whites, you just slice the whole, … Continue reading

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Beef Wellington

The last time I made Beef Wellington, I was still in school and living at home, so it was 1970 something. I drove across town to a specialty grocer to get the beef tenderloin, spent a hoooge amount of money, … Continue reading

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