Mmmm Apple Pie

CaramelApplePiebfLOYesterday was a blast of summer – hazy, a bit humid, and temps in the 80’s. We had thought to take Rich’s mom in to the city to a museum or the zoo, but the day was SO warm and SO nice, we decided to save the city and the inside of museums for another day. What to do? Where to go?

ElegantFarmerbfLOMukwonago, Wisconsin, of course, to visit The Elegant Farmer, famous far and wide for their paper bag baked pies. We picked up an 8” caramel apple for later in the day, as well as some really, really tasty asparagus salad (I had packed a cool bag) that was on special – crispy sliced asparagus, radishes, rotini and other stuff in a creamy sauce. YUM! We also nabbed some apple butter for a gift and some fresh asparagus for a sesame asparagus salad I’m putting together for dinner tomorrow. We passed on posing on the super-sized hobby horses out front, but did pause to check out the garden shop – I ElegantFarmerGardenShopbfLOhave never seen such large geranium blossoms (these pictured were the ‘small’ ones)! No flowers purchased, but we did pick up a tomato plant and some herbs for my upside down tomato on the deck experiment.

Goodies loaded into the car, we headed South to Lake Geneva for lunch and a stroll around the lakefront.

For lunch, we ended up at the Olympic Restaurant. Rich was in the mood for ‘Greek Diner’ cuisine, and that’s what we got. He OlympicRestaurantLakeGenevabfLOwas well pleased with his gyro and fresh cut fries. His mom had a beautiful, extremely thin and lightly breaded chicken filet on a croissant that she also quite liked – even though she had actually ordered the chicken SALAD. I ordered (AND got) the tuna salad on a croissant with onion rings on the side. The tuna salad was, well, tuna salad; but the croissant was loaded with rich, buttery flavor, and the onion rings were perfectly battered and fried. I won’t claim they were scratch made at the restaurant (they may very well have been, but I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell), but they were a long stride up the walk from what passes for onion rings at most diners. I must also praise them for the quality of their Diet Coke (served in a REAL glass – not a plastic tumbler!) – nicely crisp and fizzy – easily up there with McD’s in my humble opinion.

Home again in the early evening, I was still more than full from our late lunch – and wanted to save room for pie later !-) so dinner was leftovers; brats, chicken, potato salad, beans AND some asparagus salad (I did nibble that, just to make certain it was still OK after being in the cold bag all afternoon). Lightly waved caramel apple pie and Blue Bunny French Vanilla ice cream provided a sweet and cinnamon-ny  end to a nice day.

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