Breakfast out

AvalonSignbfLOThe sudden change to our weekend plans – and the knowledge that our friend was fine – left us up on the early side of the morning with nothing much really to do. Solution? Breakfast at Avalon – which for me can mean only one thing – two eggs over easy on rye toast and a heaping side of their home made corned beef hash. Oh my is it tasty! Add some pepper and a few drops of Tabasco, and I am a very happy camper.

CornedBeefHashbfLOAvalon is one of the local ‘Greek Diner’ places we like for breakfast, and the only one I know of that makes their hash instead of opening a can. They may very well have a bunch of other good and tasty items on their menu; Rich certainly enjoyed his breakfast, a cheesy ham and onion skillet thingy. I can’t tell you – for me it’s all about the corned beef hash.
We rounded out our free morning with a stop at the market for produce and other perishables, then met up with some friends for a movie (Knight and Day – don’t listen to the critics, it was FUN – I even forgot how much I really don’t care for Tom Cruise), then some shopping and dinner at Sweet Tomatoes – our first time for this salad, soup and pasta bar place. I have to admit, I don’t ‘get’ the whole post-industrial painted-cinder-block-meets-back-yard-shed décor, and it DID strike me as a touch on the pricey side; but everything was fresh, the selection interesting and varied, and the soup (clam chowder) I tried not too, too salty or pasty. Neither Rich nor I cared for the tuna pasta salad (we think that may just have been the fact that neither of us like tarragon) but that was really the only disappointment. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the coupons I’ve been tossing and we’ll be back.

The rest of our weekend is set to be spent quietly at home (if Pandora will stop having a melt-down and get back to my selected playlist); I’m trying a beer brine for pork chops tonight, planning brioche French toast and maple roasted bacon for brunch tomorrow, and pasta with fresh pesto from the ‘garden’ for dinner. Rich is kind of ‘saladed out’ from last night, so I’m on the hunt for something other than your basic potato salad to do to the Yukon Gold potatoes for tonight; I’ll let you know what I find.

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