TomatoesJuly2010bfLOOne month into exploring my farming roots – well, OK, my MOM’s farming roots – and I have some small, hard green balls hanging from the planter on the deck. The plant stake said 60 to 72 days, so I’m guessing that I am on target.

ThymebfLOThe herbs have really taken off – we had pesto earlier this week made out of some of the basil – which now looks as though it was never cut; the oregano is trying to take over the planter; and the chives and rosemary are doing well. The mother-of-thyme on the front porch is doing OK too – one of the two plants didn’t make it, but the second seems to be making a go of it.

We have a busy holiday weekend coming up; Penley’s first birthday, then a ‘cue with some friends in New Berlin, but I’m also thinking I can make time to harvest some of the basil for a tomato-basil soup recipe I want to try (I picked up some packaged Italian tomatoes at Cost Plus today for that), and the weather is perfect for a cool, creamy bowl of vichyssoise, topped with chives fresh from the deck. Results to come. Happy Fourth, y’all!

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