Happy Independence Day!

07042010TomatoesbfLOIt’s a picture-perfect summer day here on the edge o’ the prairie (but close enough to the lake to keep the temps from getting too oppressive), and we find ourselves invited to a barbecue at friends’ in New Berlin Wisconsin and told to bring nothing but our smiles and some rosemary from the herb patch (can’t really call it a garden if it’s a pot on the deck).

ChocChipEspressoCookiesbfLOWith a free day with nothing needing to be planned or prepped or in some way or other fussed with; I decided to toss a batch of espresso chocolate chip cookies together for the week. Then I noticed the tomatoes…

The market had a buy 1 get 1 deal last week on cherry tomatoes that I could not pass up. The only problem is that we haven’t gone through them as quickly as we normally MonnblushTomatoesBeforebfLOwould, so I still have this bowl sitting on the counter just beginning to show signs of age. The timing was perfect; the cookies were going to leave me with a suitably hot oven, and the lack of any other dinner preparations meant that the kitchen would be free for some Moon-Blush Tomatoes – a Nigella Lawson recipe. Cut some tomatoes in half, sprinkle them with salt, sugar, olive oil and herbs. This pic is just before I slid them into the oven – they should be done by the time we come back from our ‘cue.

‘After’ pics and the complete recipe and usage suggestions (If you need them) tomorrow – happy holiday!

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