Soup an’ Sammiches an’ Stuff

BLTVichyssoiseVertbfLOI still have my minions working on a table of contents/recipe index thingy. We THINK we may have a solution, but it’s tied up in the QC Testing and General Hobnobbing committee (QTaGH) – they assure me it’s the next, top priority; right after they’ve settled holiday party plans and watched everyone’s vacation PowerPoints.

I believe the operative quote here would be: ‘Never? How does never work for you?’ but we live and hope…

Our weather has turned summer nasty – really hot and incredibly humid, with torrential rains, thunder, lightning and tornado warnings tossed in just to keep things from getting too languorous; even with the AC humming, we thought a light supper would be a good thing.

I’d made the vichyssoise on Monday for a dinner Tuesday that had to be rescheduled, and even though I COULD have easily eaten the whole batch all by my lonesome (with a straw, even), I thought a simple soup & sammich dinner made more sense. I pulled BLTAltbfLOa loaf of honey French bread from the bread box (you know – if you don’t have one, you really should consider it – works a treat) and made maple roasted bacon in my biggest roasting pan. Sliced tomatoes, crisp romaine, good mayonnaise (I added sliced onion to my sammich) and fresh chives from ‘teh garden’ to garnish the soup completed the menu.


Apologies if ice-cold potato soup loaded with sour cream and garlic doesn’t appeal – but that just means there’s more for me.

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