‘Teh Garden’ in Morning…

TehGarden07252010bfLOI fed all the plants and then trimmed the basil – a study in contradiction – no? – feed the critters so they’ll grow and then hack ‘em back once they do. Now my hands smell wonderfully like ‘summer’ and I’m left plotting a trip to Trader Joe’s for some pine nuts – I see pesto in my freezer’s future.

Tomatoes07252010bfLOThe tomatoes seem to be progressing as well – I have two clusters in totaling a touch over a dozen – but only one seems to ripen at a time. At least the beetles are ignoring them – preferring the basil, which seems to have become THE local beetle singles bar – I picture a beetle Barry White crooning the night away under the Wadsworth sky…

They don’t seem to be eating the leaves – maybe they just like the smell? – and so I’ve adopted a live and let live beetle policy.

PitaShackbfLOI was a slacker yesterday.

We met friends for lunch up in Kenosha and topped it off with a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s & Falafel next door. No, we didn’t have falafel (next time – this place looks really good!) – we were all quite happy to sample the delights offered by Messrs. Ben and Jerry. I opted for ‘Imagine Whirled Peace’ – sweet cream ice cream with toffee cookie chunks and chocolate peace signs. They had me at sweet cream but MAN! – the whole package was truly a thing of joy.

Rich has begun his six week sojourn downtown – so Sunday and weeknight dinners will be ‘for one’ until after Labor Day; and ice cream on top of a grilled chicken and guacamole sammich (OK – but not worth writing about) left me in no mood for a big dinner, so some cold leftover pizza (Pep’s – a local fave) did the trick. For the rest of the week, I plan on trying some new ‘vintage’ recipes that look doubtful enough that I don’t want to needlessly inflict them on anyone but me (not to worry, Jello Salad with Olives and Jellied Tongue are NOT among them), and some others that I particularly like that aren’t Rich’s favorites.

Come along and see…

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