A fine summer’s day…

TomatoesVinebfLOMy cherry tomatoes in ‘teh garden’ are coming in fairly well – but who could pass up lovelies like these at the market for 88¢/pound? With a lovely, earthy ‘tomato-ey’ aroma and a taste that defines the season; I have one sliced and waiting on the counter to join the salad crisping in the fridge. I may have to toss a loaf of French RenFaireBratsbfLObread in the machine just so I can have these remaining two in sammiches with sliced onion and a dab of good mayonnaise – now THAT is a feast worthy of a king!

We met friends this morning, just over the border at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. There was (as always) a ton of really good food, food that is pretty darned good but not all that good for you, and some food that it’s really for the best if we just don’t talk about it at all. I had planned to take pics, but found myself so busy people watching that my trusty phone stayed mostly in my pocket. Rich and I had split a breakfast burrito thingy at McD’s on the way to the faire, so I wasn’t really feeling all that peckish; but between us all, we managed to sample some locally made (dried?) teriyaki jerky, a spinach and cheese calzone (Rich thought the dough quite nice, but I’m thinking once I adapt Don’s pizza dough to calzone usage, he’ll change his mind), some spiced fries (Parker thought them MUCH better after we all blew on them for her) and some pretty darned good baked goods – I highly recommend Pippin’s cherry turnovers.

Now that the evening is closing in; the salad is ready (and waiting for more of that tasty French dressing), a potato is baking, and I’m trying a barefoot contessa recipe for buffalo chicken – tho’ I’m using drumsticks instead of wings. Pics and recipe tomorrow.

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