Pardon Our Nap…

CodyMorningHorizbfLOIt has been a long morning of pleading and scrappin’ – but our editor-in-chat has steadfastly refused to move his fuzzy face from the sunshine and paw-off, erm, sign-off on anything new and tasty for today… No doubt he’s resting up because he knows what we have planned for the rest of the week, so stay tuned.

BLTFixinsAug2010bfLOAnd; if you REALLY need you some buzzyfoods – here’s the assembly line for last night’s supper: home made bread, tomatoes and onion from the farmer’s market, apple smoked bacon, and lettuce (it was on sale at Jewel). Pay no mind to the home made chili powder, it was just hangin’ out on the counter top by the other spices…

Later, peeps!

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