Today’s harvest…

Tomatoes09072010bfLONot too, too bad for one tomato plant on a deck, in my humble opinion. There are at least another dozen or so in varying shades of green that I look forward to nibbling on if they survive the wind storms – we are currently having gusts approaching 50 MPH. Oh well, at least it’s sunny and mild 😉

MadeleinesbfLOIt has been a quiet couple of days here at buzzyfoods – we were visiting family in Indiana for part of the long weekend and came home to leftovers on Sunday – pulled pork I had stashed in the freezer was again used for tasty, tasty sammiches. Monday was for errands and chores and general catching up. I restocked our cookie tin with four dozen sugar cookies made in madeleine pans – really it’s easier than cutting out all those little shaped cookies, and Rich prefers the thicker, slightly cake-y texture – even more so than when I’ve made actual madeleines! Dusting them with PotRoastLaborDaybfLOconfectioner’s sugar through a sifter adds a nice touch.

Dinner was more or less low-key. Rich had a taste for pot roast, so we had my ‘barbecued’ version with parsleyed potatoes and green beans with balsamic vinegar, some home made horseradish sauce, and a lovely little California Cabernet my sister gave us – thanks Dale!

Don’t forget to vote! You only have a bit over one day to cast your ballot determining whether or not I throw caution to the wind and make the deviled macaroni casserole. Read all about it and vote here, or, hit ‘email me’ below and have your voice heard! This being Illinois, we strongly urge you all to vote early and often…

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