Suddenly, the cheese was, ermm, shredded

CranberryChipotleCheeseShreddedbfLO CranberryChipotleCheesePKGbfLOWith just over two weeks to go until the buzzyfoods olympics, let us take a moment to reflect on the goodness that is cheese.

Specifically, cranberry chipotle white cheddar cheese from Carr Valley Cheese just North of the border. We picked some up at the Wine & Dine in Milwaukee last month, and I just got around to working with it.

We were having chicken gorditas for dinner, and my cheese drawer was looking a might peaked – just some assorted baking cheeses; mozzarella, provolone, asiago, a bit o’ blue, some chèvre, some American slices, and this lovely little wedge of cheesy, cheesy yum.

I COULD have just torn up the American slices, but thought the cranberry chipotle would be a nice touch. It was.

Fortunately for us, we’ll be visiting some of our favorite cheese resources this coming weekend to restock for the holiday, and this will most certainly be on my list.

Well, along with the Huntsman, plain stilton, extra-stinky provolone, and plain ole everyday BelGioioso Blue – our very favorite blue cheese.

I am somewhat high-maintenance when it comes to cheese.

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