Guess what’s in the box…

04TerrinePackedbfLOI won’t keep you hanging – it’s a blue cheese and walnut terrine – all wrapped up and almost ready to go as part of someone’s buzzyfoods gift bag. I just need to finish printing and attaching labels to everything.

This terrine is really, really tasty, and dead simple to make:

•1 cup walnuts – I used to use black walnuts – but think they get a bit overpowering when combined with the cheese – so now I stick to the English variety
•1/2 pound blue or gorgonzola cheese at room temp
•1/4 cup sour cream

Toast the walnuts at 350º for ten minutes and let cool. I also chopped mine up a bit.

02WalnutsBlueCheeseBowlbfLOBreak up cheese in a bowl with a fork. Add walnuts, sour cream and mix well. A dash o’ brandy, if you are so inclined, might could be a good thing at this stage as well.

Line a loaf pan with Saran wrap – overhanging about 3″ on each side. Turn the cheese mixture into the pan, seal and chill.

Except – I didn’t. I bought some festive takeaway food containers and lined THEM with Saran wrap – then packed the cheese into each container (pack it fairly tightly, so the terrine comes out as a neat chunk) 03TerrineGiftBoxbfLOfolded the Saran over and closed it up. I got one well filled and one sort of skimpily filled box for my efforts.

Gift complete for anyone on your list who likes blue cheese. This is wonderful on chunky bread or crackers – and almost indescribably good on freshly sliced pears or apple.

If you go the terrine route, you can always slice off nice chunks and then wrap those individually in Saran to give. You ARE going to share – right?

Now, on to those labels…

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