SoCo Punch for the New Year

NewYearPunchVertbfLOThis was a surprisingly popular liquid refreshment at our open house – and please do note the way-cool ice ring of  mango, cherries and lemon-lime soda that I made in my brand-spanking-new (to me) genuine imitation copper-toned mold from the Goodwill Store.

I am also thinking that 2011 will be a ‘say-something jello mold’ year, so let’s hear your fondest molded salad recipes!

But, I digress; back to the punch.

Rich found this recipe (originally published in a pamphlet from the 70’s) on his own search of da Google. We were looking for a ‘signature cocktail’ for our open house that wouldn’t keep one of us stuck at the bar replenishing people’s cups. We also thought that this was as good a time as any to use the punch bowl stashed in that back corner of a closet for lo, these many years.

Actual amounts were somewhat vague, all the better, I think, to allow you freedom of individual expression and strength of punch.

INGREDIENTS (for one punch bowl):
•Southern Comfort – as much as you like; we made two punch bowls and ended up using about half of a large jug in all
•1 can orange juice concentrate
•1 can Minute Maid Lime Aid concentrate – the nice lady who posted this recipe seemed to feel that Minute Maid was the only acceptable lime aid to use, so we bowed to her opinion and punch-making experience
•32 oz. cranberry juice cocktail
•1 or 2 cans lemon-lime soda

•I added some frozen peaches, strawberries, grapes, and mango to the bowl

Stir together the concentrates and cranberry juice cocktail in a large punch bowl.

Add the Southern Comfort (to taste),soda, and bits of frozen fruit (if using).

NewYearMoldbfLOAdd ice, or, better, an ice ring to keeps things cold and somewhat frosty. I made our ring by filling my new 3-1/2 cup mold with maraschino cherries, mango, and clementines; then pouring an additional can of lemon-lime soda over all and freezing overnight. Worked a treat. I am thinking that when next we serve punch, I will need to have at least two rings of sparkly goodness put aside to keep the chill going properly, which means I need to keep my eyes open for additional mold opportunities while out and about. This baby ran me all of $2.99, so I’m thinking I can stock up without going broke.

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