Winter Fruit Salad

WinterFruitSaladBowlbfLOSO, I know I basically wrote about this in yesterday’s post, but it was so darned tasty we both had a taste for more (and THIS time, I took pics!).

The home made poppy seed dressing is a star, and I can now cross yet another bottled dressing off my market list, but the combination of apple, pear, romaine, Swiss cheese, and cashews (I omitted the dried cranberries and substituted some freshly shaved carrot) works so well with it, that the whole is far more than the sum of its parts.

ApplesPearsbfLOOne cool thing for time management types, there is enough lemon juice (even when cut in half and diluted with water, as I did) to keep the diced apple and pear bright and sparkling in a covered bowl for a while, so you can get the bits and pieces set to go and put it all together just before serving.

•1 apple, cored and diced
•1 pear, cored and diced
•Freshly shredded Swiss cheese
•Dried cranberries – or cherries – or shredded fresh carrot
•Romaine lettuce

Toss the prepared apple and pear in a bit of the poppy seed dressing (REALLY – don’t buy a jar; make this yourself and be amazed at how good it is) and set aside, covered, until you’re ready to make and serve the salad.

Combine the romaine, cheese, cashews, and carrots (or dried fruit, if you like) with the apple and pear, adding additional dressing if needed.

Mmmmmmm, salad.

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