Parsley Potatoes

ParsleyedPotatoesVertbfLOSurely not.

This prosaic little side dish needs no recipe does it?

One presumably adds some parsley to some potatoes, and one calls it a day, no?

Apparently not.

When out to dinner with friends recently, Rich was quite taken with the parsleyed potatoes served up with his sea bass – ermmm, or maybe it was the Mai Tai. In any event, he commented enough on them that I was pretty certain there was more to the deal and just parsley.

What to do?

Why, da Google, of course! And it didn’t let me down! Not only did I come across more options than I thought quite possible for potatoes with green herbs, but I came across a handy little side trick for ‘boiling’ potatoes while sautéing onion and parsley and, well surprising stuff; finishing off French onions, steaming asparagus, and roasting lamb chops without taking up more space on the stove top.

Interested? Follow along…

•6 med. red potatoes
ParsleyOnionSauteebfLO•1 med. onion
•1/2 cup fresh parsley
•3 tbsp butter
•1 tsp paprika
•Salt & pepper

Cut potatoes into evenly sized pieces and tumble into a bowl of water to soak for a while, five or ten minutes or so. Drain and put in a microwave-safe bowl; a 1-1/2 quart pyrex casserole dish worked a treat for this amount of potatoes.

ParsleyedPotatoesDonebfLOCover and ‘wave on the ‘potato’ setting – they should be just about perfect when complete.

Meanwhile, dice the onion and coarsely chop the parsley. Sauté in the butter, seasoning with the paprika, salt and pepper to taste, until the onion is tender – about ten minutes.

Once the ‘wave dings (beeps, chimes, whatever), drain the potatoes and gently stir into the onion and parsley mixture.

Not too, too bad.

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