Pollo Loco Real

RealHaciendaMenubfLOWe’re on a flying trip South to Anderson, Indiana; which usually means dinner or lunch at Real Hacienda.

Rich loves the enchiladas, and his mom is quite fond of the chimichangas, but I never vary from this marinated (I think), grilled chicken fillet topped with a nice cheese PolloLocoRealbfLOsauce (Manchego?). Throw in some rice, refried beans, and what the nice folk at the Hacienda call ‘sour cream salad’, and I consider myself well and truly fed.

But, I got to thinking…

Our local markets all carry Manchego cheese, and Chihuahua and Queso Fresco and more, too boot – and I have that killer buttermilk marinade for chicken; I may just have to try this sometime soon at home.

I’ll just have to dust off those giant balloon glasses in the top o’ the back cupboard so we can have hot-tub-sized margaritas like they do at the Hacienda 😉

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