A test…

PotRoastPlatterbfLOPut away your pencils and paper – it’s not THAT kind of a test!

A while back, we went to a tasting thingy at some friends’ home for a line of all-natural-good-for-you spice blends and stuff, all centered around the company’s grape seed PotRoastRubPotbfLOoils. We loved some of it, ordered an assortment, and were thinking of having our own tasting thingy sometime this summer to share the joy.

Except we’re not.

I made a pot roast using some of the goodies from our order (Rich’s mom had thought the Pot Roast o’ Love sounded quite tempting, so I thought a simple roast could be a good thing) – roasted garlic grape seed oil, steak rub, and slow cooker sauce. Using my now PotRoastSaucebfLOONLY pot roast cooking method; I tossed some aromatics in the bottom of a foil-lined  pot, then rubbed the oil and the steak rub into all sides of the roast before settling it in on top o’ the veggies. A drizzling of 1/3 cup of the slow cooker sauce was the last step before sealing the foil over the roast, putting the lid on the pot, and popping the whole thing into a 250º oven for three hours.

When the timer beeped, I pulled the pot out of the oven and set it, still well and truly covered, on the back of the stove to rest for thirty minutes while I finished putting the rest of dinner together: French Onions, PotRoastPlateAltbfLOpotato salad leftover from the Banzai Burgers, and a tossed salad with a garlic vinaigrette I’m playing around with.

The result? Pretty nearly PERFECT, in my not-so-humble opinion – a fine, tasty, easy dinner for a stormy May evening!

So, why no tasting thingy and no mention of the all-natural-good-for-you products used?

Well, after a little trip around da Google, I read some things about the COMPANY this particular company keeps that I feel less than comfortable about; therefore – GOOD STUFF! – but I shan’t be promoting it (and, sadly, it won’t make it into Stuff I Like).

Gotta have standards, peeps.

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