How cool is this?

OasisProduceSignbfLOWe were on a whirlwind round-trip to take Rich’s mom home today, and I came across this really great idea when we stopped at an Oasis for a little somethin’ Starbucks.

Ermmm, for those of you not familiar with our tollways (or if you chose not to click on the Oasis link), Oases are combination OasisStarbucksbfLOmini-malls, food courts, and gas stations positioned above and across Northern Illinois toll roads at various intervals. And a handier spot for a bit of fast food, ermmm, FAST, or clean restrooms, or competitively-priced gas (at least when I was cruisin’ the Tri-State daily) would be hard to come by – especially since all the original 1960’s vintage structures have been rebuilt, and the original Fred Harvey and Howard Johnson’s restaurants have been replaced with McD’s, Starbucks (THANK you!), and other, more current, concessions to tempt the traveler’s palate.

OasisTollwayViewbfLONOW – they have this program that allows commuters to sign up and order farm fresh LOCAL (the farms vary depending on the Oasis) produce and to pick it up at the oasis they normally cruise under at 85 or 90 MPH (that’s considered a ‘moderate’ speed on our tollways – 55 is for the breakdown lane, ya wimp…).

I would TOTALLY sign up for this IN. A. SECOND!

Ermmm, IF I still drove the tollway regularly.

Still; isn’t it a cool thing?

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